October 20, 2012

funny stuffs.

This week I'm skipping The Sunday Social (again).  I love that link-up (LOVE!), but it's all about deep thoughts this week and I have no deep thoughts to speak of right now.
This week, I have sarcastic, ridiculous, egotistical thoughts.

My husband won't listen to my reasoning on camping..

...and on other stuff.

He just won't budge on this one:


Let it be known that I saw a kid doing this in the Wasilla Wal-Mart the other day (Friday, 10/19, 4:50pm.  If it was you, be ashamed).  Only this kid was face-up, instead of face-down.  I saw it with my own eyes, but there was no way to discreetly take a picture.

Source: damnlol.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Actually, there was probably no need for discretion.  A public shaming was probably in order.
The weird part?  The mom and all 3 kids (one in the cart, one under the cart, one alongside) were all really well-dressed and looked like they could've at least been at Target.

Today's zombie lesson:

You can go to this post to see how my husband has attempted to prepare me for the apocalypse.
(Because I'm not intelligent enough to get the video from that post to this one.  Sorry.)

Finally, you need to think long and hard (thatswhatshesaid) before you use unnecessary punctuation.  The ramifications could be disasterous.


  1. You know I love that last one ;-D

    And that's the same reason I'm not doing the Sunday Social...great link up but I didn't want to have to think that hard this week. Plus I needed time to get Monday's post ready! (Isaiah let me interview him!!)

  2. Haha..I'm glad you went with the funny stuff. I love the camping one! :)

  3. Funny stuff,funny stuff! "Dressed nice enough to be at Target" is still making me giggle.



  4. LOL- They could have at least been at Target....

    Thank you for that. I needed something funny in my life this morning.

  5. The WalMart picture cracks me upm but the fact that you witnessed a similar act is PRICELESS!

    As for the last one, I TOTALLY understand. After our first lesson on contractions (and this happens EVERY year), my first graders suddenly think that they need an apostrophe to make words plural....even though we also have a lesson around the same time about adding s to the end of words. At least they don't know any better!

  6. between the camping and Walmart meme, I seriously could not stop laughing for like 5 minutes...I tried to tell my roommate about it and she accused me of being wasted because I just couldn't get the words out. People are crazy.

  7. After shooting a shotgun this weekend for the first time, I can tell you that there is no joy like shooting anything with a shotgun. Damn, it was SO much fun.

  8. HAHAHA, you ARE in a mood and I love it! I love that Jim Gaffigan special (though the name escapes me right now) and I'd like to not work either, why can't our men get on this?! AND I always want to take snaps in public places like this too, but am too scared someone will catch me.

  9. I want to train an attack dog that only strikes when people misuse punctuation. And grammar issues? I'll have another dog for that.

    Two dogs, one deadly lesson.


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