October 23, 2012

Insta-freaking-tastic...and cooking

( ^ I really liked this title when I came up with it last week.  Expect to see it again.)

Joining in with the wonderful Jane at Taingamala for InstaTuesday...(Don't you love the name "Jane"? So classic.)

These were my Friday morning pancakes with strawberry preserves.  You might say, "Wow, Kristin, what terrible photography skills you possess."
Not true.  I have superb photography skills via the iPhone (don't we all?).
I just like to keep things dark around here in the morning hours.  
I drink my coffee and read my blogs and eat my dry cereal by the light of the MacBook.

I baked cookies on Friday night.
Somehow, one batch of cookies required almost 2 bags of Kisses.  Odd.

A confession:
I would like to say that I've been cooking and baking.
I haven't been.
I've lost almost all desire to do so, and I don't. know. why.  
Well, I have been cooking a bit.  But I haven't been creating.  This really bothers me.  And makes me feel awfully slacker-like. 
It's like every creative bone in my body is gone.
Plus, with the holiday season coming about, it's like the dessert blogging world is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. 
And I don't have it in me this year.  
Not with me trying to eat healthier (seriously).
And me finally getting my abs where I want 'em.
And my paleo-ish eating husband not wanting fudge and ice cream cakes for dinner.

I mean, I eat a lotta sugar, sure.  But I generally eat it and I'm done.  I don't spend all day playing with the sugar (though I do spend all day looking forward to it).  That would hurt me more than it would benefit me, you know?

And I'm not GOOD at food blogging.
It's stressful to me because I have that "job" thing.  And a crazy t.v. watching habit.  And spend a few evenings a week at the gym.
Maybe I'm just lazier than I used to be.

What have I made lately?
 Chicken Taco Soup.  It's one of the best things I've ever eaten, let alone made in my crockpot.  Do yourself a favor and make it today.  I froze most of it.

I made two pans of lasagna and froze it.  8x8 pans, so one recipe.  

I made Crockpot Pizza Soup and froze it.  Minus the noodles.  Noodles never freeze/reconstitute well, so I'll add them at serving time.

Apple Breakfast Quinoa was good too.  It's basically this breakfast quinoa, which I made a year ago and loved.  I haven't eaten oatmeal in ages because I think my body has started rejecting it, so maybe I should go the quinoa route more often.

Like I said last week, you NEED to make these Sweet Potato Chips.  I've been eating 3 yams a week this way.

I plan on making this Cheesy Vegetable Soup.  Do you think it'll freeze well?  (Maybe I should omit the potatoes.)  I have no use for a giant pot of soup on any one particular day.

Oh, what's that?  You want a weather update?

...when I went to school yesterday morning at 8am.

31* and wore shorts to the gym.
It was 24* when I left the gym.
Until the snow flies.  Promise.


  1. I definitely want to try chicken taco soup = that sounds wonderful.


  2. Chicken taco soup sounds right up my alley. But that below twenty temp? Hellllll no

  3. I'm not the only one who prefers to eat pancakes w/preserves instead of syrup? Yay! I dont know why everyone doesnt do this, it's freakin' amazing.

    2 bags of chocolate chips is always necessary. One is for the cookies, the other for eating while making the cookies haha. Cooking actual food is something I havent done in months since I get home super tired & have zero desire to stand in front of a stove for an hour. Maybe one day I'll get back into the cooking mood & stop eating fast food.

  4. Hahaha, I have to laugh at your last photo. Before I started wearing yoga pants, I used to SWEAR by wearing shorts to the gym until there was snow on the ground. So alike and so so weird ;-)

    And plus? I do NOCOATOBER. I don't wear a winter coat until it's November 1st. Again, I'm so strange LOL

  5. Ok now I really want pancakes. :)

  6. Don't feel bad, I get into cooking/baking slumps too. I think it's the weather change. It gets cold and dark and all I want to do is huddle on the couch with a blanket and my iPad and drink tea.

    Your new mirror is coming in super handy!!

  7. I will Have the hicken taco soup and the pancakes please!! :)
    I know your pain! I'm not feeling very inspired to make Christmas gifts this year. I guess I still have some time, I just like to start early. I have never really been into baking. I would like to. I think it would make my mom proud! Have a good day :)

  8. 16 degrees no that's not ok.

    I love chicken taco soup I made it yesterday lol twins

    Still thinking of your cars name

  9. Yum the pancakes look delicious! I get stressed over food posts too. I feel like I need a culinary degree and a fancy camera to make serious food/recipe posts. Although, I love cooking. The chicken taco soup sounds soooo good! Yum! 16 degrees?!? You need to get out of Alaska. That is not okay.

  10. I making a soup in the crock pot today and have a recipe planned in the crock pot thursday. cooking twice in a week would be an accomplishment for me. I go through phases where I do lots of meals but we've been so busy and I am too tired to plan meals! and if I was home by myself most nights I would probably eat mac and cheese, cereal or an english muffin for dinner. p.s. my middle name is jane.

  11. I've been wanting to try breakfast quinoa... and I like apples :) I thought about instagramming the temperature this morning, but my 42 degree morning would have gotten laughed at. I don't think we will get down to 16, but we usually dip into the 20's.


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