October 2, 2012

Hot hot hate

This shiz went down on Saturday.

So, this journey I've been on (the journey to admit that it's okay that I don't like Alaska) has been a long one.

After reading one thousand 8 or 9 posts about how "great", "neat", and "wow-ing" the overnight surprise of some snow was in September, I 'bout lost it.

I got my camera.  I took the pictures you see up there.  Then I took to the Facebook.

I said that I didn't like Alaska.  Might've used the word "hate".  Might've said, "I care not what you think of me".  Because obviously I live in a Jane Austen novel.

It wasn't an overdramatic reaction at all.  Not at all.

As I expected, someone thought I had overdone it and commented to this effect.  Insinuated that I was being ridiculous.

Of course I was being ridiculous!  Being unnecessarily ridiculous is what I DO these days!  And clearly this person doesn't read my blog and should just "hide" me on Facebook because they don't know me very well at all and whyarewefriendsonFacebook, anyway?

That's the part that was insulting.

You know what was funny though?  I don't think people understand the purpose/function of the "Like" button.  There were people posting about how funny or great the snow was and then they'd like my status.  Do they understand that they just told me they agreed with me by liking my status? Sometimes I think people believe the "Like" button is the "I read your status!" button.

Oh, and thank you for your costume advice yesterday!  I don't want to spend $35 on a white t-shirt that might not even look good on me.  So maybe I'll just wear my tiara and hope for the best?  What are they gonna do, kick me out?  Like that would be a punishment.


  1. ugh! I would not be happy about the snow. at all!! thankfully this is your last first snow there right? shoot. that probably isn't even helpful!

  2. you hate AK, you hate costumes...It's good your funny! Otherwise, I wouldn't understand you. ;)

  3. Ha ha! Everytime I mention I don't like being cold or dislike the snow they always say something to the affect of being from PA. Just because I am from there doesn't mean I dislike the cold/snow any less. I don't get their argument.

  4. I would be upset about the snow too! Ugh!

  5. I have the SAME PROBLEM with that stupid "like" button on Facebook. People click it and then leave some rude/snarky comment about how ridiculous/whiny/ungrateful I am. I don't understand it.

    But...this is reason #23497234987234 why I rarely update my status on Facebook anymore. People never have anything nice or encouraging to say - it's always about how either 1) their life is worse than yours or 2) how you should just be grateful for the things you do have.


  6. People abuse the "like" button...

  7. Its 80 in Monterey today and people are FREAKING OUT because it never, ever gets over 68. Like diving in the pacific. People are so weird about the weather (and about facebook, and the like button, and lfe in general)

  8. You are not being over dramatic about snow in September! I would flip if I saw anything resembling snow this early. You should block whoever that was. They clearly don't understand.


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