October 3, 2012

Don't let the sunshine fool you...

...it was 46 degrees when I took this picture and I was freaking freezing.

Pants: JCP // Shirt: Old Navy // Sweater: AE (old) // Boots: Steve Madden // Belt: Target

Look at those blondish roots!  What has happened to my hair?!  It hasn't been colored since JUNE.  Guess it all finally absorbed into my skull.  The chemicals are making me crazy and my roots permanently blonde.  Anyway, I plan on highlighting it this weekend (by myself, thankyouverymuch). 

 Oh, whimsical ice cream necklace ...haven't worn you in a while.

I wish that I had more to say today.  Like, for real, wish I had something to entertain you with.
Mostly, it's just me, staring at the calendar all day long.  Be it on my phone, in my planner, in my lesson plan book, or the giant one on my classroom wall.
Most the day, everyday, I'm just staring at the calendar.
...and wishing I got cell phone reception inside my school.  Instagram would make lunch/recess go a lot more quickly.

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  1. hope your day goes fast! I love all of that outfit even down to your whimsical necklace. So cute!

  2. Love that top. It is Wednesday...half way there!

  3. i love your polka dot top! and no reception at school? I look on instagram multiple times a day!

  4. Girl idk how you do it way up there in the tundra but you look good doing it that's for sure

  5. Here in Minnesota we're headed for the same weather. I believe the high tomorrow is supposed to be 49 degrees?

    Winter is coming!

  6. How about we switch weather for just a day?? It's still 100 degrees here. I love your outfit!

  7. Love the polka dots - I am a fan of polka dots.

    I feel you on not having much to say. I feel like I haven't written a really good, interesting blog in at least 2 weeks.

  8. That ice cream necklace is adorable! :)

  9. Frigid temperatures aside, you look darling! Love that green top! And the boots! OH, how I love boots.

  10. It'll be here before you know it. Well, maybe not...but soon anyway! And I love that necklace!

  11. Love the green polka dot shirt with those boots. And in the 40s...that's crazy! I'm not ready for that!

  12. Adorable outfit! I love your boots and the polka dot top is too cute!


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