October 1, 2012

I admit...

When you "hear" me say "fake Uggs", these are what I'm talking about.  They're Bear Paw boots. and have a sturdier sole than real Uggs.  If you talk to my husband though, you can let him know I'll accept a real pair.
I admit that I broke my own rule and wore a turtleneck before October.  But it did snow on Saturday, so I think you all will forgive me for that.

I admit that I have a dentist appointment on Thursday, so it's time to starting flossing "every day".

I admit that the last minute of the season premiere of Dexter had me going, "Oh, f@#$, f@#$, f@#$!" at the t.v.  An appropriate reaction?  I think it was.

I admit that I went to Target for pens last week.  Yes, just pens (Stop laughing).  And I came out with shorts, a tank top, a sweater, a polo shirt, chocolate chips, a salted caramel mocha...and pens.

I admit that I am ticked about having to get my winter tires on already.
They are studded with little metal spikes for traction.  They click-click-click when I drive. Cool, huh?  Yeah. Not really. Whatever.

I admit that I already bought a treat for The Great Pumpkin Swap.  It's something "owl-ish".
Sign-ups start next Monday, October 8th!  Get your candy corn ready.

I admit that as I sent this recipe for Jalapeno Popper Dip to a co-worker over the weekend, I re-read the post.  I never told you WHY I can't eat the stuff.  Simply put, I ate way too much of it once while playing a drinking game (at age 21, of course).  Never again.

Oh, and I admit that I do not do Halloween costumes.  EVER.  It's a personal rule.
So when I'm forced to go to an army Halloween party?
What should I do?  I know I talked about ordering a Merlotte's shirt.  But those things are expensive!  I really wanted a Bon Temps football shirt (it looks slightly sturdier) and I'd gladly wear that, but it doesn't lend itself as easily to "costume".

Um, help?

How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. I would have left Target with all of those things...but no pens. At least you got what you went there for!

  2. i should probably go to target this week for some "pens" too. I didn't watch dexter because we don't have cable!! I need to find someone who recorded it!!!!

  3. I would have gone to Target for pens, and COMPLETELY forgot the pens!
    I've done this before actually.

  4. Theres that jersey again...tisk tisk.

  5. Oh Target...you only need one thing but they lure you in for so much more. Happens to me ALL THE TIME!

  6. I have fake Uggs too, or 'Fuggs' as I call them. They're the best for quick errands/dogs walks, and if I mess them up I'm not mad because they were cheap! I'm impressed that you went into Target and came out with what you went in for at all!

  7. mmm, salted caramel mocha.....
    Oh, and maybe just a cool etsy mask for the costume party? It would be better than trying to find an adult woman's costume that's not 'trampy _____' ;)

  8. I am impressed that you actually make yourself dentist appointments. Not I.

    I miss Target!!!

  9. Dentist appointment? Ick. Im the same way about dental hygiene when it comes to the appointment time. Kinda of ashamed to admit it but flossing is never on the top of my list :/

    O.M.G. the last few minutes of Dexter had me wiggling in my seat. The truth is I wasnt all too excited about the episode to begin with but now, I can't wait to see next weeks.


    LOVE the boots!! I need to get a new pair of 'uggs' real or not for the winter!

    Oh btw I am your newest follower!

  11. LOL nooo! That popper dip it too good. What a shame ;)

    Thanks for linking up!

  12. hahaha I can never leave Target with just one thing. :) I think that is an unwritten rule.

  13. Can you just have a shirt made? I know we have t-shirt shops that will put the letters on a shirt. I have thought about doing that for a Merlottes shirt before. And it should be cheaper.

    Sorry about the snow :(

  14. Haha great post! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Target is like that to me too I always leave with extras.

    Pumpkin swap pray tell

  16. Ha! I do the same thing every time I have to visit the dentist :)
    Isn’t That Charming.

  17. I admit that I'm so glad it hasn't snowed yet here, although I should probably wear one tomorrow night to the baseball game...hehe. And you reminded me that I have one this week and need to floss every day too ;)

  18. Darn right those are expensive. I have a Merlotte's t-shirt from a costume a few years ago. I refused to buy the apron - I made my own. I still wear the shirt, well, as often as I feel skinny enough to wear a white top. :)

  19. Your Target-ing sounds like my own misadventures. Last time I went it looked like this... Goal: toothpaste and Up & Up (that Target brand, you know?) notepad (yes, I had a SPECIFIC notepad in mind and it had to be that brand... Where do these neuroses come from?).

    I left with nail polish, eyeshadow, magazines, a shirt, a scarf, autumn decorations (damn you dollar section!) and... The notepad. Forgot the toothpaste. But now I'm afraid to go back.

    (False - I will return tomorrow after work, who am I kidding?)


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