August 6, 2012

Last week

Last week was stupid.  

I'm perfectly aware that there are people in this world with problems far greater than mine.  I've got it pretty easy.  

But that's not the point.

I worked out very little last week.  I know.  I know.  My schedule fell to pieces 2 weeks early.  Why?  Because.  Becausemyturbokickclassendedandnowidon'tknowwhattodowithmyself.  

After my evening workout on Monday, my toe hurt.  It actually kept me awake all night long.  The pain was familiar, yet I couldn't quite place it.  I hobbled around all day Tuesday (you know, from fridge to couch and back again), wrapped it up in gauze, soaked it in epsom salts, etc.  Eventually, I figured it was an ingrown toenail.  By Wednesday, it felt better.

Tuesday evening, obviously the high point, was when I noticed the lump of pain behind my ear.  A sebaceous cyst.  (Don't google it.  You cannot "unsee" those pictures.)  I had one two years ago, they cut it out, gave me an antibiotic to get rid of infection, and I was good to go.

This one is painful though.  It hurts to touch.  I decided to call the doctor's office at 5:05pm.  They closed at 5:00.  This annoyed me, so I didn't go to pilates.  

At 7:30am on Wednesday, I called for a doctor's appointment.  I got one for 11am.  I had to skip my morning class at the gym. 

Once at the hospital, the wimp doctor said he didn't want to cut this one because it was half on the ear lobe.  I would need a referral to dermatology.  Sonofabitch.  It hurt and it hurt even worse when he was done poking at it.  He prescribed an antibiotic because this one was "already infected" and I needed to go to the referral office.  I told him just to go for it and "Do I really care if I have a weird scar on the back of my earlobe?".  He wouldn't.  Like I said:  wimp.

Knowing that my ear was infected made me feel like I was most certainly going to die.  Soon, I was sneezing, had the chills, a fever (I'm sure of it), and was all achy.   It would only be a matter of time before the sepsis set in....

I spent the day and night on the couch, hobbling pitifully to the fridge when I needed a popsicle.  Which was 3 times.  

So. That was Wednesday..

Thursday, I skipped my morning workout so I could pick up my prescription and book my appointment for the dermatology clinic.  

My appointment is next week.

I have to take half a sick day because it's a professional development day.  Of course it is..

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  1. that does not sound like fun. and definitely not a good way to start off the first school week - it's hard enough going back!

  2. Aw, sorry Kristin! That sucks. Good luck...I hope that once you see the next doctor they take it off quick. What a way to end summer!

  3. Ugh, that's not a fun week. Hopefully this week is better for you! I have to say, I love the gifs you post (is that what they're called or am I just having a dumb day?)

  4. :( I hear ya, I haven't been working out due to being sick and I feel guilty all the time.

  5. Ugh, sorry about all that! Hope this week goes better!

  6. yuck to sebaceous cysts. I had one in the back on my head the size of a golf ball...when I found it, I FLIPPED out...I thought I was going to die...blah blah lol So I went to the dr and he put me on an antibiotic (that I ended up being violently allergic to) and it went away within a day. Those things are gross and scary. Hoping you are doing better now. :)

  7. that does not sound fun at all!! i hope you can get some relief soon!

  8. You poor thing! Although, this entire post is freaking hilarious. What a wimp! Who cares about a scar that no one ever will see?!


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