July 11, 2012

The Tropical Julius

I realized two things while I was making this.

#1  I think I'm getting stupider.  I went to the store specifically for the pineapple juice.  I bought it.  Brought it home.  Set it on the counter.  And then forgot to put it in the drink.

#2  I need to buy some new placemats.  I have no brightly colored, tropically-looking placemats because I-LIVE-IN-THE-FARTHEST-THING-FROM-A-TROPICAL-LOCATION.
This must be remedied.

I dug a wrinkled blue one out of the closet.

(Wrinkly part not pictured.)

I thought this drink was a genius idea.

I'm a little embarrassingly proud of myself for substituting banana for the sweetness.  A regular orange julius has way too much sugar in it.

As I handed one to my husband he said, "Did you already take a picture of it?", implying that he needed permission to drink it and mess it all up.

Of course, I already took a picture of it.  I'm not that stupid.

Tropical Julius
makes 2 servings

6 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate (I used Five Alive)
1 banana (can be frozen)
1 cup milk (I used skim, but I'm trying not to mix fruit/dairy these days, so I'll try almond next time.)
2 t. vanilla
1/2 cup pineapple juice


For the alcoholic version:
1 shot rum
1 shot Triple Sec
1 shot coconut rum

*You may want to add a couple of teaspoons of sugar if it's not sweet enough for you.  Or even a packet of Splenda, stevia, etc.  Just taste it first.*

In a blender, combine the orange juice, banana, milk, vanilla, pineapple juice, and liquor (if using).  Once it's combined well, add in a couple of handfuls of ice cubes until it hits the consistency you want.  Taste and add a sweetener if desired.


  1. haha- the life of a blogger's spouse. J asks me all the time before we eat, "Do you need to take a picture first?" LOL

  2. i would love the banana in it! and that is funny that you forgot the pineapple - it happens to all of us!

  3. Oh, how I remember the first Orange Julius opening in our area back east...it replaced my love for the Orange Freeze at Jr. Hot Shoppes (in the Washington, D.C. area)when they closed.
    BTW--I love almond or rice milk, but my hubby-not so much. However, don't use skim milk; what they do to the milk to remove the fat is not worth the risk. Go with 1% to save calories. XOXO

  4. Please dont ever stop posting recipes cause otherwise I'd have nothing to attempt making. No lie, I'm kind of drooling right now. This looks so good!

  5. this sounds amazing, and so perfect for summer. I think I need to make myself one this weekend! :)

  6. this sounds amazing, and so perfect for summer. I think I need to make myself one this weekend! :)

  7. That's hilarious you husband knew to ask! Good job! That looks so super yummy though. Oh goodness!


  8. Yum! This sounds wonderful Kristin! I need to make some of these...I love Orange Julius. Well, strawberry is my favorite flavor. :)


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