July 10, 2012


1.  This is why I don't watch the news anymore.

Although what I wouldn't give for someone to dress me up and do my hair and makeup like those news anchors everyday.  Must be a rough life, having someone make you look perfect at 5am and all.

2.  I forgot to add something to my "hate list" on Friday.  Coldplay.  I cannot stand even the thought of them.  Their music, with those tinny, whiny sounds, makes me want to poke out an eardrum.  And, by association, I haven't liked Gwenyth Paltrow in years.

3.  Oh, another one I don't like:  Blake Lively.  This ticked me off.

Last night, we went to see Savages.  Dumb.

Dumb.  Dumb.

I know it's a book and, actually, the storyline wasn't awful.  But Blake Lively was awful indeed.  Listening to her narrate the whole damn thing was the worst part.

And SO unbelievable.  You're telling me two rich, intelligent young men are going to go all out, risking their lives, to rescue their white-trash-The-Hills-reject girl?  I don't think so.
She had no redeeming qualities!

Much like Lori.

4.  The lovely Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag was my swap partner for Meg's Soak up the Sun-Blog Swap.
Goodness gracious, does this girl know how to give a gift! I'm going to have a lot of fun pouring over this.  There's recipes AND sarcasm.  Hours of entertainment for moi.  She also sent this little pile of goodness.  Thanks Lauren!
Especially when the people fighting barely graduated high school 8 years ago, still don't know how to use a capital letter, and are fighting over some no-job, should-be-in-jail baby daddy. P.S.  I'm too thoroughly amused to delete these people. P.P.S.  Is this why ya'll like to watch Teen Mom??


  1. I saw savages too and I can't say I hated it, but my friend and I both looked at each other and said, "hmm, we need some time to process our thoughts on it." It definitely kept me interested, but there was so much that, like you said, was just stupid. I hated how they had the fake ending then the real ending. It was all a little too neatly wrapped up at the end. The drug cartel lady just gave herself up that easy? The DEA agent becomes a hero? And the weird threesome lives happily ever after while the rapist/murderer/snitch has nothing done to him? That's not believable. I really want to read the book now just to see how it differs because I've heard the book is amazing and a lot of reviews I've read have said that the movie doesn't even come close to justifying the plot in the book.

  2. It is why I watch Teen Mom...and I have people like that on my facebook too...it's hard to ignore them because it really is darn entertaining.

  3. haha, completely agree with the Facebook thing!
    as for savages, I didn't watch it... the summary just sounded so bizarre that I didn't even want to.

  4. I watch Teen Mom when I'm having a rough parenting day and I need to be reminded how much my child actually has going for him with me as a parent. LOL

    I have so many ridiculous people on my facebook. I consider deleting every day, but what will I do when we get rid of cable again? I'll need something to laugh at.

  5. that blake lively article - so not fair! and sweet gift from your swap!

  6. 2. Coldplay sucks ass & although Gwenyth Paltrow hasnt really done anything to piss me off, she sucks too. Her acting really hasnt been anything to get excited about. Except for maybe that movie when she was a country singer, she was ok then.

    3. I'll take your word for it. The only reason I'd wanted to see that is because of hottie Salma Hayek. You just made my day with that Lori poster, hilarious stuff!

    4. Oh man, I want that cool Mad Men book. You got some great stuff hon. I use those rubber bands all the time.

    5. Ha, me too! So entertaining.

  7. That last picture is hilarious, and oh so true. I think it's quite strange that people actually fight over facebook.

    You're quite welcome for your gifts, though. I'm glad they all got there and I hope you enjoy it all. I loved all mine!! I'm so bad at posting things, but I'm gonna try! :)


  8. love that facebook poster. soo true!! haha



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