May 16, 2019

Stuff and Things + Bachelorette talk

1. Scott asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I'd already ordered new jeans, new sandals, and had gotten a too-expensive pedicure at a real spa. So I wasn't sure what to say. I ended up just asking if he could order the new collars for the dogs. We had these great, amazing SportDog collars for like four years. Then, they just started dying. Scott took them apart, cleaned them, replaced batteries, put them back together, etc. Nothing worked. Since I used them every single day in Colorado, we got our money's worth and all. Especially since the dogs swam with them on and everything. Then we decided we wanted these uber-fancy GPS collars, but $$$$, so we got these placeholder collars until we wanted to spend that amount of money. These collars were $50ish for the set and we've used them for a year and they're dying on us now. Scout's stopped working months ago in Wyoming so Jett's been wearing Scout's because Jett listens and doesn't need to be shocked. Scout wears Jett's. So Scott ordered new ones last weekend and I have new dog collars to make our walks a bit easier. Cheers.

2. I bought these jeans last week. I haven't worn them yet. I haven't taken the tags off. I have the packaging saved. But they fit and another size wouldn't fit better. The higher waist thing is a bit of a scary trend to embrace, I think, but I also don't see any harm in it. Thoughts?

3. I complained quite often about our vet in Colorado. As in, if you follow that link, you'll see that just about every time I took a dog to the vet, I complained to the internet. The vet in Laramie is a vet I don't even remember that well. I think I was in there twice? Scott and I took the dogs together last summer and then I took them for rattlesnake boosters in October. Here, there's no shortage of vets nearby. I actually was going to vet-shop a bit but then there is one less than a mile away. Since they are due for their shots in June, I went in yesterday to make an appointment. I wanted to go in instead of call because I wanted to get a feel for the place. The one in Colorado smelled like a barn and I hated that. We've been to about five vets at this point and none of them ever smelled bad except for that one.

So anyway, this one was fine and the people were so nice. I made two separate appointments because there ain't no way I can take both dogs and a baby into the vet. Plus, it's very close by so maybe one dog at a time will make it not such a hateful experience. In Colorado, it was half an hour away so the thought of two separate appointments was too much to handle.

4. I don't know if anyone follows Charlie Kirk. He's interesting enough. I don't know enough about him to say I agree with all his points. He's theorizing that the person who will be the Democratic nomination for President hasn't yet announced and entered the field. Interesting, right? He says it won't be Biden or Bernie and lists out all the various reasons why in this episode of his podcast. He calls Bernie a Bolshevik a few times and I really had to LOL at that.

5. I'm going to get in some Bachelorette thoughts for Hannah's season just because I *like* Hannah. She has a more normal narrative than Becca, considering that Becca had just come off of the Arie engagement. 

Again, I like Hannah. I think her motives are pretty pure. 

I really like Peter, but I liked Chasen(in?) too. 

I think Peter looks very much like Ben Higgins but no one on the recap podcasts mentioned this so I was disappointed...and then felt like I was just way smarter than everyone who recaps professionally.

Luke P. was smarmy and is probably a jerk in real life, but he didn't come off as nearly as evil or crazy as I expected given the tweeting I was seeing on Monday night (I didn't watch til Tuesday). 

I really like Connor (S.?). Whoever had the intro package and works for automotive company. I know there's another Connor. 

I don't have too much else to say actually because, again, it was just episode one and you can't tell much at this point. 

She definitely looked like an elementary school teacher marching Scott out the front door, though, after the he-has-a-girlfriend debacle. 

The big news is that I'm going UNSPOILED for the first time, like, ever. Because I like Hannah and I want to be semi-surprised. I did see a brief final four write-up but I only remember one name on the list so I'll just avoid RS from here on out. 
Funnily enough, I had just skimmed his posts about Colton's season months ago because I didn't really care much and could've sworn Caelynn was the winner. When my friend told me it was Cassie (a month before the finale), I was genuinely shocked. 

Are you watching?

In case you missed it...I posted a nursery on Monday, books on Tuesday, and why I don't care if you're a fur mom yesterday. 


  1. I've been consumed with hockey watching but plan on catching up on Bach this weekend. I kinda like her too already.

  2. Oh, dear... high waisted jeans. I think some women can pull them off well, but they are definitely not for everyone. I have too many memories of atrocious, high waisted jeans from the 1980s... I don't think I could ever don a pair ever again! LOL!

  3. I think some gals can sport the high-waisted jeans. I'm not one of them.
    I like Hannah's "real" personality too. I agree with you on the Ben Higgins look-alike. Like you, I watched it on Tuesday but read twitter on Monday night. I didn't think Luke acted like the big butthead everyone was letting him on to be. With that said, I still don't care for him.


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