May 14, 2019

Books in 2019 (#3)

I started off 2019 by saying I wasn't interested in reading anymore because it was just one more thing added to my plate. Then, I had two great reading months in February and March. Now, I've kind of slumped out again. Not because of a lack of books. But more that I don't have a ton of time (which sounds reallllllly dumb because I have time to retweet and watch TV, though I haven't been watching nearly as much TV as I'd like...which also sounds dumb but I really miss watching lots of TV...9 month olds take up a lot of time is, I suppose, what I mean here).

Lack of desire is more of an accurate description, I guess. Maybe it'll pick back up as we inch toward summer.

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center
This was chick-lit. I liked the writing style. It was interesting. I didn't like the story. I mean, it'd make a cute movie. This was my first of her books. I'll try another. Happiness for Beginners has been on my TBR for years.
For some reason, the epilogue, to me, read like a voiceover. I kept hearing Cady in Mean Girls, introducing her story at the beginning of the movie and then wrapping it up at the end.
If you like chick-lit or chick flicks, go for it. If not, you'll probably be bored by the trope of it.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
I really did enjoy this story, but it took me forever to finish it. I just couldn't do more than a chapter or two at a time. That's literally all I have to say about it.
Also, I thoroughly get a kick out of stories that take place in Europe. So I enjoyed it for that reason alone.

That's it.
It was a slow reading month for sure.

I have a few good ones queued up on my Kindle though right now, and I'm thinking I need to take a hardcopy break. I've missed electronic reading.

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  1. I’m enjoying The Lost Husband by Katherine Center right now. It’s chick lit but that’s all I can handle.

  2. I read Elinor a couple months ago - it wasn't really what I was expecting but I enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for books based in Europe too. Like, if Elinor was based pretty much anywhere in the US, I probably wouldn't have been as interested in it. I *still* have How to Walk Away in my to-read shelf. Might get it to this year, might not.

  3. I started Elinor on audiobook this month, and it's been hard to listen to because of the strong accents, I'm wondering if I should just switch to the paper version!

  4. well, bummer about how to walk away but i would suggest not reading happiness for beginners then. i don't think you'd like it. glad you liked eleanor, it wasn't a quick read for me either but i enjoyed it.

    1. Agree with Kristen here! If you weren't that into How to Walk away, I don't think you'd like Happiness for Beginner much better. But who knows. I enjoyed both of these, but yeah. When I'm not loving my selections my pace slows way down.

  5. These were both solid reads for me. I'm looking forward to the movie version of Eleanor, and I could definitely see Center's book as a movie too. Even if it was a slow month, at least you enjoyed the two you read!

  6. I loved Eleanor Oliphant. If you're interested in something similar-ish I can recommend The Seven Imperfect Rules of Elvira Carr.

  7. I loved Eleanor. Did not really like How to Walk Away at all. But I'm giving her another shot anyway.

  8. I said that myself reading How to walk away - it would make a great movie

  9. I understand "not having time" to read. Sometimes I WANT to read, but I don't have time to slip deep into the story the way I want to. Others, I WANT to read, but there are other things that should take precedent.

  10. Reading slumps suck. I've been going through one for almost a year but it's finally starting to wane. Like you, I just didn't have that fire or desire to read. I'd pick up a book or ten that I technically wanted to read, then I'd ignore them my nightstand and return then unread. Oh well. I really enjoyed Eleanor but it wasn't what I expected. Somehow I had it in my head that it was more of a comedy and a fluffy book. While there were certainly a few funny moments, it was not a comedy and once I wrapped my brain around that nugget, I enjoyed it. I hope your slump passes soon!

  11. I'm glad you've still made some time to read recently! I couldn't live without it!
    Oh my gosh, I miss TV too! My DVR is forever full. If I try to watch when the kids are up, it just isn't productive and I have to stop because they need something or are being loud. ha! So I only really watch after they go to bed, but I go to bed pretty much right after they do these days. LOL

  12. I liked How to Walk Away and am currently reading Happiness for Beginners. I also enjoyed Eleanor. I hear you though on not feeling like I have enough time to watch TV. It's so sad, but my to watch list is sooo long! Yes, kids definitely eat up tv and reading time!

  13. I'm with ya girl! I've been in a reading slump lately too.

  14. I enjoyed How to Walk Away when I read it last year. :) Haven't read Eleanor! XO - Alexandra

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