June 16, 2017

Puppies Make Life Significantly Better

They are a comfort, a joy, a hassle, a best friend, and a lovebug to cuddle up with at night. Dogs in general make life more enjoyable and I'll rarely not stop to pet a dog, but puppies are a whole different story.  There's something about taking a teeny baby dog and teaching it what you want it to know. The cuteness doesn't hurt either.

True story: There's a series on Netflix called Dogs with Jobs and we've watched a few episodes in my classroom because the theme fits in when a reading story in the curriculum. I CRY at these episodes. In fact, after this happening to me two years in a row, I banned Dogs with Jobs this past year. I cry thinking about how capable and worthwhile and helpful and life-saving dogs can be. It breaks my heart to think of their value.

Moving on from that...

Puppies are curious. I did some digging to find pictures I haven't posted before (you're welcome).

Scout in 2013.

Tucking his paws

And Jett in 2014. Jett moved like lightning as a puppy so most pictures I have of him are blurry.

Ear deep.

He had the sharpest puppy teeth ever.

What do you think? Do dogs make your life better? I can't say where we'd be without these little guys.


  1. awww SO CUTE!! dog do make live better; their love is so unconditional and incredible!

  2. Jett was being SO NAUGHTY in those photos. Love it! Dogs make everything better!

  3. I honestly don't know what I would do without our dog, Deuce. She's everything to us. And since my husband raised her until we met when she was 3 and then it took about 3 MORE years before I won her over to not hate me haha, but now I think she likes me just as much as my husband. Maybe more since I feed her!
    But I do want a puppy, because they are soft and smell good and so snuggly!

  4. We don't personally have a dog but I can't imagine not having our dog brothers/neices/nephews in our lives. One hug or lick from them make your day better!

  5. Oh my goodness Dogs with Jobs made me bawl, too! I had to ban it from myself. SO cute. My dream would be to breed guide dogs one day but up until now we've been unable to have pets due to the tyranny of renting. One day.

    One thing that has also made me think twice is how a dog would manage with us being out all day at work. How do your two do when you're at work?

  6. Life certainly is amazing with pups (and kitties). It's so fun watching them explore and learn.


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