June 15, 2017

A list of Stuff and Things I did this week

Took the dogs back to the vet for doggy flu shots. Went to the dog park.

Ordered a few things from Teachers Pay Teachers. I needed a few changes that would help adjust for the betterment of the common good in my classroom. That's a nice way of saying "things must change".

Went to a meet-and-greet at ChampDog Park. I'm hopeful. I told Scott about the "temperament test" and allllll the applications I filled out, and he laughed pretty loudly and asked if they failed. Then we went to the dog park.

Got a call from the doggy daycare person, saying that the dogs don't have their bordetella vaccine...uh, they are supposed to...so I have to call the vet and plan for ANOTHER appointment to get MORE SHOTS. Then, I find out, after 10 minutes on hold, that they cannot get the bordetella vaccine because they are in the middle of a series of flu shots. This means that by the time they make it to doggy daycare, it will be the second week in July. This is the best part: the vet who owns the clinic will give shots without issue. The vet who works with him believes that you cannot give shots back to back. The first vet will be on vacation, so I get the second vet and that's why I won't be able to utilize doggy daycare until the middle of July. Frustration overload.

Truth: the vet we go to "recommended" a daycare/kennel that's pretty close to us and I went to check it out (again, this is their "preferred" kennel) and I wanted to cry. A damp room with cement floors. I cannot put my dogs in a damp cell with nothing to stare at but concrete. I really did almost start to cry because I felt bad for the other dogs there. The vet recommends this place because, if there's an issue, the dogs will go right to their usual vet. But, at the other place I found, there's a legit animal hospital right next door. So...whatever. And there's virtually no difference in cost.

Met a friend for coffee.

Went to an FRG meeting thing.

Went into school to do a few things so I don't spend the rest of the summer feeling behind. I don't have paperwork/planning to do. It's all set-up that needs to be done and I can't do that yet. Soon.

Kept up with the Bachelor in Paradise drama. My theory: Corinne knew she screwed up because she "has a boyfriend" at home and didn't want him to see what she did, so she implored her producer (who is one of her best friends) to make it all go away. Thoughts?

I listed out all the books I read in May and, if you follow my Goodreads, June is shaping up to be the best month so far this year. However, I'm listening to The Dry and I can't say I *love* it. I'm only two hours in and I don't feel like turning it back on. That's a bad sign, right?


  1. I've been reading a lot of great books as well and I have another stack I'm excited to read.

  2. My family takes all the dogs in our lives to this place where its like doggie vacation for them. Pools, and spas, etc. The golden knows exactly where he's going in the car and cannot wait to get inside. Hopefully you find a place like that!

    And I agree with the corinne stuff. Ugh

  3. Are you taking them to doggie daycare in the summer to socialize them?

  4. I can't for the life of me figure out why Corinne was a BiP in the first place if she has a "boyfriend at home." Also, surely she's seen the show. Not saying what did or didn't happen was right or wrong, but you just shouldn't get blackout drunk in that type of scenario. The whole point of the show is hooking up with essential strangers, so, I mean...*cue the people telling me I'm victim shaming*

    I'm so thankful I don't need any kind of daycare for my cat. Too much stress and drama for my blood!

  5. Oh gosh the whole doggie daycare thing sounds crazy!


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