June 19, 2017

Funny Things for Monday.

Saturday started with a 2:30am wake-up because Scott got back to Ft. Carson at 4:30am. Just to illustrate how much he works, he said I could just pick him up after 5am, so he could get some work done.

I will say that I've not slept for like a week. This is a problem I have every summer. It started in Alaska in 2012 when it was light out all the time, Scott was gone, and I had nothing to do but workout, blog, and watch TV. Now it's like a summertime curse. I need the routine and exhaustion that comes with going to work every day.

So getting out of bed at 2:30am was fine with me. He later said he was kidding. But it's hard to pick up on that in a text message.

ANYWAY. We had a busy weekend and I took NO pictures of anything (not even a dog), so here's a few funny things to start off your week. I'll be volunteering on base this week, in the 95* heat.


  1. Oh I totally agree with you on a routine. I'm already "bored" so to speak and applying for other jobs has me freaking out just a bit.

  2. OH MY GOSH. The Best of Schmidt TOTALLY made my morning better. THE BEST!!!
    & the USB drive... I just did that yesterday trying to set up my dad's new Garmin watch. I swear, every turn, it wouldnt go in & then finally, it did. I was like,I'm so glad this has 20 sides to try. UGH

  3. It's crazy how much they work sometimes! Kyle's schedule at Polk was ridiculous.

  4. I relate with so many of these! Always need a little humor to start the week!

  5. OMG. That first chart is so true, I have to steal it for facebook.

  6. The first chart really does stress the old saying about how "it's the little things in life," doesn't it?


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