October 17, 2016

Motivating Motivation

I find it super telling that no one had any actual advice on last Monday's post. We really have nothing when it comes to a bag of tricks for getting through Mondays, do we?

Here's your weekly dose of motivation...

This is why it's worthwhile to place your worth in more than one place. 
Don't sink it all into one thing.

Not being the best at something doesn't mean you can't still try.

When all else fails, just repeat this ^ to yourself.


  1. I like the first quote. It's a lesson that I had to learn when dealing with some less than savory individuals.

  2. LOL! Advice for getting through Mondays... Do whatever you have to do in order to emerge at the end of the day as unscathed as possible. :) Happy Monday to you!

  3. Haha that last meme is the best!

  4. Hell yes. especially the last meme - if people don't like what i do/how i do it IDGAF :D

  5. That last meme is awesome but Leo's tan is really throwing me for a loop.

    I've got nothing for Mondays. I usually rely on chocolate but that is not a sustainable solution. Oh and a non-challenging outfit, nothing worse than tricky clothes on a bad day.

  6. That last one...YES!

    I actually wrote a post awhile ago about not hating Mondays. I can send you the link if you want it.

  7. well i am behind on blog reading and commenting, buuuuuut for me, i actually don't hate mondays. i mean, i wish i could stay home but i like the fresh start a new week brings. for me though it's 100% getting prepared and going to bed semi early on sundays, i wake up on mondays with nothing to do but get up and go. if i am not prepared, i'm all frazzled and a mess and my week is horrible.


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