October 13, 2016

S&T 10/13

My favorite pin/quote of late. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm living a double life. Between playing 4th grade teacher and playing army wife, I operate on two very opposite ends of the spectrum.
I say "play" because they are roles; two different hats that I wear. Neither are games. Worthwhile? Yeah. Fun? No.

Sometimes I think God throws plantar fasciitis back at me to tell me to slow down. I rarely relax on the weekends. On Sunday, I was physically forced to sit down with my feet up.

Sometimes I think no one should be President. I almost said POTUS there, but I hate that abbreviation.

Sometimes I really get my money's worth: I bought this jacket and this skirt 5 years ago. Holding strong.

Sometimes I wear my coat all day because it's 50 degrees outside and I appreciated that greatly for the two days it lasted.

All the time, plaid goes with everything.

If you've not heard from your Pumpkin Swap partner yet, please let Becky or me know!
Swap shopping has begun and packages should be mailed out by Tuesday, October 25th and the link-up is Wednesday, November 9th!

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  1. I despise the term POTUS. And FLOTUS. Really, I'm just tired of acronyms and abbreviations for every single thing.

    I do, however, love plaid.

  2. I also don't like the abbreviation POTUS.

    Sometimes I get my money's worth too -- About five years ago I bought a sweater dress at Goodwill for $7. It's still one of my favorite things to wear and one of my most complimented wardrobe item. GO FIGURE.

    I'm going to try and get my Pumpkin Swap stuff in the mail by the 20th since my partner is international. I want her to have a chance to get it before the link-up. So excited to shop for her!

  3. I'm gonna white knight for POTUS. It doesn't bother me at all. Mostly I like SCOTUS, though, because that's too long to type.

    The high here is 89 today and will be 90 this weekend. I would kill someone for 55.

  4. My favorite long-lasting plaid coat that I got for $25 many years ago was lost on a plane from New Orleans last year. It was a blow.

    I also like POTUS, FLOTUS, and SCOTUS.

  5. I agree with the President comment...

    ...and yes, why rid of something if its still holding up (ie the clothes)? I do the same thing!

  6. Yep - I'll also agree with the NO PRESIDENT this term. Could it be any worse than what's going to happen?
    I feel the same way with my knee pain how you feel with your PF

  7. I have been SO into plaid lately. I already own like 7 plaid shirts/flannels and I NEED MORE.

    I don't mind POTUS. The acronym, not the people we have as two (horrible) options.

  8. I love when clothing pieces stand the test of time! They are great!

  9. I mailed my Pumpkin Swap package today because you just never know with Australia Post when it will actually show up.
    I'm digging your entire outfit.

  10. so i kept seeing potus and it took me like 4 years to figure out what it meant. soooo you can laugh at me over that if you'd like :)
    i don't own any plaid except for a scarf, which goes with everything, so you are correct. high five.


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