October 10, 2016

Motivation? + 3 Things.

I don't need to write a weekend recap. I need you to tell me how you motivate yourself on Mondays. I don't love the weekends, but I always feel like I'm making such progress in life on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday...and then I have to start all over again?

How do you motivate yourself on Mondays?

Man, I love a good happy dog.

It goes without saying that I do not have Columbus Day off of work.


Three things I'd never give up
My dogs, American citizenship, whatever God-given abilities I do have (because we all want to be good at what we don't have, right?)

Three favorite vegetables
Tomatoes (they count), corn on the cob, sugar snap peas

Three shows I watched faithfully from beginning to end
Friends, True Blood, Homeland 

Three places I want to visit inside the US
Key West; De Smet, South Dakota; Hawaii

Three places I want to visit outside the US
Prague, Austria, ruins in Greece or Rome

Three things I always have with me
Chapstick (usually Carmex or RF), sunglasses, water bottle

Three things that are always in my car
Extra water, umbrella, hairbands

Three most recent phone calls were to/from

USAA, a parent from Girls on the Run, USAA again

Three books I read and loved in college
Brave New World, 1984, ...uh...I don't remember reading much in college. I liked those two though and still have them on my "best books" shelf.

Three most often used makeup products
BareMinerals powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow

Three things that make me laugh
When kids say something or write something, and they're being completely serious, but I find it funny. (i.e. an answer on a geography test that has nothing to do with the question: America has Mexico as an enemy and Mexico thinks the United States is their enemy. I'd actually be really interested in hearing more about this.)
When I tell Scott stories about the dogs via Skype
The Goldbergs
Bonus: The scene in Superbad when Jonah Hill gets hit by a car. Every time. Also, Harold and Kumar movies.

Three things that make me cry
When I can't do something and need Scott here to take care of it
When people get rid of their pets for no reason (their "reasons" are moot)
The scene in Once Upon a Time when the curse breaks and Charming and Snow see each other again (seriously, every time)


  1. I watched True Blood, then it lost me for a season or two, then it brought me back with Christopher Meloni added to the cast. Pam was my favorite character.
    American citizenship was one of the things I answered for the first question. I answered some of these questions in Steph's comments.

  2. 1984/brave new world are incredible; i read those in high school and they've been on my shelf since!

  3. Friends! Add that one to my list too.

    I hate when people give up their pets except in very few circumstances.

  4. I love that Once Upon a Time makes you cry. My kinda gal! ;)
    That dog!!!! That made my day

  5. I don't have Columbus Day off, either. Glad to see you still calling it that, too.

    America has Mexico as an enemy...LOL.

  6. Greece is on my out of US list as well. As is tomatoes.

    My post for this is scheduled for next week.

  7. That photo of the dog is the best thing ever!!! :)

  8. We had in-service today. They started doing this county-wide in-service in October. Which I think is incredibly stupid. I refuse to drive to Clearfield. Therefore, I took the day off. BUT we worked outside all day. So....

  9. A best books shelf sounds genius! I have my books organized (I use the term loosely) by category (cookbooks, Army books, YA, etc.), but I might have to steal your idea. I also love Brave New World.

    I also cry when I need my husband's help and he's not here. During his first deployment, I had a near meltdown when I couldn't open a jar. I've gotten tougher since then, thankfully.

  10. We are getting caught on on Homeland! I have definitely seen every episode of Friends more than once :) Love that show. I also love that scene in Superbad. lol.

  11. I want to go to De Smet! It's such a small town and so out of the way though. There is nothing around it. I have no problems going way out of the way on a road trip for something though.

  12. true blood! i forgot that for my answers. i loved that show. i cried during that once upon a time scene too. i've cried a lot in that show.. i cry a lot in general.


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