July 1, 2024

Amazon in June.

Believe it or not, I tried to slow down on the Amazon and the online shopping in general, what with the dog surgery and the new roof and whatever. Most of our Amazon goods are ordered by Scott, and usually include tools, vehicle parts, etc. I've mentioned before: it's really the only place we "shop" when we need things. Amazon is basically a guarantee for in-stock items and quick arrival times. 

So this is what I found myself ordering when needs must (as Ma Ingalls would say)...

Replacement pacifiers (again). Some day I will add up the cost of these things and send her a bill. 

Sheet protectors. Another reorder for me but this is the best value + quality I've found. They're actually clear and not that translucent look. 

Avery binders were also cheapest on Amazon. 

Tide laundry powder. I really like the Go Clean Co. method of cleaning floors but it's impossible to find this small pack of Tide anywhere but Amazon. I've checked everywhere over the years. 

Resealable Water Balloons. Sutton played with these at a friend's house and, previously when I'd heard of them from others, I thought what a waste of money and then I saw how popular they were and they are seriously really neat and we couldn't get enough of them. I knew Wells would like them too. These are for Wells, from Sutton, for his birthday. 

Pokemon Card Binder. This isn't exact binder I bought, but it's also a cute one and the other is sold out. Wells inherited a bunch of cards from my parents' house and he needs something to put them in. Since he also has been clamoring for a Pokemon themed birthday (again:), this fits well. 

Gold Undereye Patches. Another reorder! If anything, these do wonders for cooling sinus passages in the morning. I use them several times a week. 

Owala Leakproof Water Bottle. This was my splurge but I'd had it in the cart since February. I really need a bottle I can throw in a bag because hauling around a straw cup is actually really inconvenient. My Stanley doesn't leave the house because it'll leak everywhere. My Simple Modern stays at school during the school year and at home during the summer...taking it places still requires you to hold it upright and that's really hard to do with a bag and a toddler and a bag and probably another bag and/or a stroller. This 24 oz bottle is lighter than a Hydroflask and still has a straw. It's also gorgeous. I recommend it. 

And two books:

The Next Mrs. Parrish and The Housemaid is Watching. I'd recommend both! Come back on Thursday to see what I thought about all the books I read in June. 

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