June 19, 2024

Coffee talk (VENTI-ing)

***I still think women who use long hair as a personality trait are hiding some deep insecurity. I'm not saying you should get a bob or cut bangs, but I often wonder about the extremely long-haired crowd...Speaking of: I, for instance, have styled my hair exactly once in the last month. I brush it like every other day. That's how I operate in the summer. 

***People who use Facebook as a journal of what they do day-to-day should get a blog. That's the situation I was in. I had a lot to say way back when so I started a blog. You can post as many boring pictures and inconsequential details as you want. It's kind of great. That's what blogs are for! 

***Speaking of FB, do you ever come across "people you may know" and you're like whoa. that is not what you look like in real life ? I have a theory that those people have no cognitive dissonance and filter themselves (changing actual features) into oblivion and assume no one will notice. Is this just a quiet secret that everyone pretends not to know? Like, that's not your nose. 

***Parents who don't let their kids feel emotion on a small-scale, will end up with kids who can't handle adversity or handle emotions when it counts.

Yes, you should let your kid deal with feeling sad because he forgot something. Because in a few years, he'll be expecting you to bring everything else he's ever forgotten to school because that's the pattern you've set up. And soon, he'll be in college, expecting to be bailed out by teachers or parents because that's what he's become accustomed to having happen. 

***Apostrophes have a place in our language and it's not making things plural. Also, spelling rules: take the word "plan". Because the 'a' is short, you double the final consonant and it becomes "planning", not "planing". I can take the occasional typo. I do it too, especially on here! But I cannot follow you as a content creator if you are constantly making basic grammar/spelling mistakes. I unfollowed 3 people recently because it's noticeable on their content. 

***I think about how odd we are compared to other families here in this town and even in the military. We were married for almost 13 years when Sutton was born. That is unheard of here. Everyone I know here had a baby the first year they were married so someone married 15 years usually has a couple of middle schoolers. I fit into no demographic at all at this point. I mean, it's fine. People just generally have a misunderstanding of my age because I have a 2 year old or they assume we've only been married for 6 or 7 years because of Wells. For example, my coworker is 5 years older than me and has a 19, 21, and 22 year old. Multiple people I work with graduated high school post-2013 and have kids in Wells' class. 

Point is: I wouldn't have changed those childfree years for anything, looking back. I don't know that "get some life experience" is the method I would recommend to young couples as a rule, but it worked for us.  

TL; DR: In the real world, women have babies in their 30s. In small towns and in the army, they become grandmothers in their 40s.

Anyway, I'm home with a dog who is "supposed to be" "on" "bedrest". With another dog who would rather be out and about. And two kids who actually seem to miss being in school every day. This fictional coffee date will have to do. 

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