February 1, 2024

WUW-January 2024

..on a Thursday. Re-reading this, it's mostly about the kids. Happy February. Birthday month is over for me but I have another present arriving this week (I bought boots). 

What we're eating this week:

I ordered from Dinnerly, so I'll report back on that experience but I also made breakfast for dinner, steak salads, and something I legitimately don't even remember the other day (chicken thighs? in the air fryer? that sounds right)

What I'm loving:

I don't know. The Christmas decoration boxes that are scattered around the house are really starting to grow on me. Just kidding. I am entirely dreading trying to put all of those away this weekend. It's been so cold or so rainy for the last 3 weeks that I legitimately haven't been able to get to it because it involves the barn loft.

Sutton has also really learned how to say Wells so she says his name all day/night long trying to get his attention and it's pretty funny. Nice to hear her yell for someone who isn't "MOM!". 

This is Sutton summed up:

What I've been up to:

The usual. Up multiple times a night with a toddler. Wells is going through a coloring phase, so every surface has coloring pages and markers on it. They are both in a stuffed animal phase as well. Meaning every stuffed animal (we don't even have that many...or so I thought) is everywhere all the time. 

What I'm dreading:

See "Christmas decorations".

Getting out of bed each morning is rough. 

What I'm working on:

Just when I thought I had it altogether, I got the letter about making Valentine boxes. So I'm doing that this weekend. Thanks to my online shopping addiction, we're never short on boxes. (only kind of kidding here...I do have two perfectly sized amazon boxes ready to go)

This also meant I had to remember to order a little Valentine gift for Wells and Sutton. PJs and Legos it is. 

What I'm excited about:

I decided to go with the Daniel Tiger theme for Sutton's birthday because that's where her heart really seems to be at 22 months old lol. So I'm probably going to do a practice cake this weekend. I have a Bible study to go to so I'll take it along. No decor. Just the cake and frosting. 

What I'm watching/reading:

I finished Special Ops: Lioness the other day and it's so good. 

This debate between Ben Shapiro and Destiny is very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has 5.5 million views and has been up for a week. This is what I did on Saturday night. Sometimes I feel completely not normal. Like, I prefer something like this to almost anything else while I'm cleaning/cooking/etc. A few weeks ago, I spent hours listening to Piers Morgan clips on youtube, interviewing people about Israel and hosting debates, and I know I'm probably the only person in this zip code with that in my computer history. 

Wells is going through a Ratatouille phase. He watches it every day. Sutton is in her Daniel era. You will hear no complaints from me. I cannot deal with a lot of toddler shows and I'm good with this one. Last night I asked her if she wanted to watch Daniel after her bath and Wells yelled from the other room: No, put on that rat movie!

I'm DNFing another book...was trying to decide if I wanted to bother and thought I might as well just quit. I'm getting ready to start The One and Only Ivan at school, which I've resisted so far because animal stories aren't my thing. Also started an audiobook this week from the library and I like it. (Not a Happy Family, Shari Lapena)

What I'm listening to:

Back on the Bachelor podcasts right now. 

What I'm doing this weekend:

All the things I didn't get to this week? Literally All The Things. 

What I'm looking forward to next month:

I'm really looking toward another month of being Facebook-free. It's a relief not to have the option to scroll. I read somewhere that we were not meant to know (and were never meant to know) what 400+ random acquaintances are up to in the current facet of their lives and that really stuck with me. 

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