December 5, 2023

Amazon lately.

I've gone nuts in the last few weeks. 

Mostly because 1. There's nowhere else to go around here aside from Walmart when I need something and I hate shopping at Walmart because everyone shops at Walmart and I don't want to buy what everyone else has and 2. I'm not driving 2 hours to go to a store. Like, just no. And a lot of incidentals pop up during the holidays. 


Let's talk books: Christmas books in particular. I bought all of these and then some winter themed for school (my curriculum is literally based on a book each week but I have to source the books on my own...funny story: I went into the local library with a list of books and the librarian said they had 0 out of the 6 I wanted. In fact, none were even available in the state. This is why this state is likely so low on the proficiency scales...but that's just a thought).

The Perfect Christmas TreeThe Carpenter's GiftThe Legend of Old Befana << all quality Christmas books

Then, looking ahead to January, I got The Polar Bear Son, I Wonder Why Penguins Can't Fly, and The Raft. 

I don't mind buying these because then I have them for Wells in 2-3 years and then I have them for Sutton. It's *really* hard to know how/what books are quality for kids and these are good literature you can teach skills from in 20-30 pages. *If you homeschool*, I entirely recommend these. 

I also got some Mr. Sketch markers. There's just something about them I can't resist. Unpopular opinion: I actually really don't like flair pens at all. I hate the way they write and I hate have to remove the cap. I like retractable pens. But if I'm going to use a marker-like writing utensil, it might as well be a smelly marker. 

The poster markers I got at the beginning of the year are starting to wear out as well, so I got the big chisel tip as well. They are half the price on Amazon, compared to Walmart. 

Moving on:

I got this toiletry bag because mine is 7+ years old and has seen better days. 

I suppose Scott's Christmas present is new hunting dog collars. We had this set years ago and it lasted for about 5-6 years, which is a long time considering we used them almost every day. Then we went through really cheap sets for awhile. Unfortunately, both dogs are starting to lose their hearing, or at least their hearing isn't as good as it used to be, so it's back to a higher-quality tracking collar. Considering that Scout will happily outrun the shock, we need something dependable. 

While I said I was going to get rid of the llama pacifier back in summer of 2022, my naiveté showed: we now own $36 worth of llama pacifier

Thanks, Nanny, for giving me a llama pacifier for Sutton 3 years ago. 

ICYMI: Here's a list I made up for kids' gifts (age 0-5) and my own Christmas list. 

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