February 18, 2023

Friday Favorites, 2/17

1. Watching: I finished the last three follow-up episodes to Love is Blind season 3. Hear me out: I watched them so you don't have to. The contestants on this show have gotten progressively trashier as the seasons have ...progressed. If you go back and check out the first season (again, I did it so you don't have to :), the people are so much more normal. 

Also, we watched the Superbowl and all that. And we started a couple of movies but I'm pretty sure I gave up and went to bed halfway through all of them. Same with last night: started a documentary, watched 20 minutes, said I was going to bed, and Scott was like what the heck, I just put this on after trying to add Hulu back to the new TV for 30 minutes before that.

2. Reading: Totally forgot to mention that I read this last week. I liked it. Book post coming at the end of the month. 

Also, this was not good.  Like, I'm not going to give it photo space in this post.

Moving onto this:

I borrowed it from the library last week and that probably means it's due next week which means I have a week to read it. And if you're overdue on books to the on-base library, they will call your sponsor (Scott) and take away your library card (probably). But for real, Scott will get a nastygram email. 

3. Eating/drinking: The adrenal cocktail. I actually really like it but I don't know what I expected from it? It does not randomly give you a bunch of energy. But, over time, it's a great addition to mid-morning or early afternoon. I also added Gatorade Hydration to one the other day and it was tasty. 

I  have amped it up a bit too. 

I am taking one of these every day and they don't take great while mixed in water, but they DO taste great while mixed with water, coconut water, and orange juice. 

Am I trying to lose weight? Sure. But I also want to add in as many positive supplements as possible so I'm not just cutting things out. I'm hoping I can replenish energy naturally by balancing out everything that's good for me, instead of just coping with caffeine and naps. So while I've definitely made some diet adjustments, I'll let you know if these things are worth it after a month.



What were you doing when this happened? Scott thought I did something to sabotage him and I assumed Jett had sat on the remote. 

If I could handpick a pastor, it'd be Paul Washer. I listen to him on Youtube all the time. 

You could take this caption either way: "I don't know how to even breathe" or "this is so mind-blowing that I can't breathe".

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