February 13, 2023

Favorite Less Toxic Products

I mentioned in my Amazon post last Monday that I have gone down a bit of a rabbit hole concern non-toxic products. Having a baby around again, getting older...it's just something I find myself thinking about more. I knew I wouldn't be able to change everything all at once and I don't plan to change everything. I plan to change things that are the easiest to change and move forward from there. 

For me, I started switching products slowly over the years without thinking about it...

buying better-for-me body washes

paying attention to sunscreen ingredients

juicing fruits and vegetables

using Beauty Counter

even buying European baby formula

There are SO many options for products out there that cutting down on choices actually makes life easier. I don't get decision fatigue because I've already decided. 

Some elements of healthy living I'm just not planning on buying into right now. Filtered water, for example. While a fancy water filter sounds nice (and expensive and large), we have a well. Our water is straight from the spring and tastes really good and is fluoride-free. 

However, here's a round-up of *sustainable changes* that I've been able to make without even thinking about it too much:

Nail polish. I mentioned a ways back that nail polish sometimes actually hurts my nails. It's like physically uncomfortable to wear, which is really weird, right? I switched over to Ella + Mila and it was a better experience. This could obviously and likely be all in my head but I've never found painting my nails to be relaxing for this reason. I just don't like the feel of polish. But the Ella + Mila was good by comparison. I got an Olive and June to try next. (note: this isn't something that super bothers me with my toes, just my hands, which is why I don't usually wear nail polish)

Plus, as Sutton gets older, I'd rather not be putting actual paint on her nails. The non-toxic variety is probably a good habit to develop with a little girl around.

Vitamins. I hopped on the supplement game strong in 2016 when we were beginning IVF. I was easily taking 15-20 pills a day. Since then, I've dabbled here and there but never finding something in particular that I love. Aside from a prenatal or the occasional magnesium chew, elderberry, or ashwagandha, I just haven't cared. 

But I bought myself some new vitamins last month and, most days, I do remember to take it. 

I've tried probiotics in the last two years too, mainly to help with immunity and that was all a giant fail.

Any recommendations here are welcome!

Face products and make-up. I noticed I was slowly migrating most of my products over to Beauty Counter in 2022. I think just because then I don't have to think about it? And, for what it's worth, their products work for me. I know they don't work for everyone. Adel Cosmetics is also a great one. I really like their lipstick and I have their loose powder as well. 

I do like my La Roche Posay facewashes though. Good or bad, I can't change everything all at once. I've had a lot of luck with them in the last few years. They are fragrance-free and super gentle so perfect for sensitive skin. I have bought this gentle cleanser and the purifying cleanser multiple times. 

Body Wash.  I'm always looking for a good body wash that fits the sensitive category. When it comes to kids, I love, love, love this Everyone soap. I had bought it a few years ago for Wells but it's not super easy to find...only really available on Amazon...so I tend to grab just whatever sounds good when I'm at the store instead. This makes great bubbles, has a pleasant scent, and is quite close to non-toxic. I'm lucky in that Wells and Sutton seem to have allergy-free skin so I can switch to whatever soap seems to be the best fit and they can even take a bath together at this point. 

Hand soap/candles. I would rather have a house that smells clean than a house that smells like pecan waffles, I guess. I'm not a huge candle person anyway, so I tend to go for citrusy essential oils in a water diffuser. I've been doing that since probably 2019 instead. 

As for hand soap, I love the Everyone brand when I can find it. That's really just on Amazon these days. Some Walmarts sell it and some Targets sell it but some don't.

Laundry detergent. Scott is allergic to Tide so I've always bought All. I bought into the hype for Dreft for babies because I love the smell but the best thing I can do is probably go more all-natural for a product we literally wear around all day. I switched to Biokleen and I like it. 

Wool dryer balls. Dryer sheets were the next thing to go so I grabbed wool dryer balls. I'm positive I'm the last semi-crunchy person in the world to try them. I'm going to start putting a few drops of essential oils on them next. Lavender maybe?

Glass storage. Plastic tupperware is incredibly frustrating, so I just got rid of it all. I kept some to store legos and toys with small pieces in, but I didn't feel bad about tossing it. Sorry, landfill opponents. I bought this glass set back in the fall and it's so much more streamlined, not to mention safer overall. 

Speaking of kitchen things, two things I already am on board with but are worth considering: don't use crockpot liners and use stainless steel instead of nonstick/teflon pans. 

Have you found any less toxic products you really love? Any recommendations? What are you still looking for?

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