January 20, 2023

Friday Favorites, 1/20

1. This post is super late today because instead of writing it on Thursday nights, I tend to put random things together with my snippets of time on Friday. Why? Because I've been watching Yellowstone until 11pm every night. Like 9-11pm is for Yellowstone. Seasons 1-4 are on Peacock and then I am contemplating buying season 5 from Amazon. The sooner I finish the binge, the sooner I move on, right? I don't think Scott likes it as much as I do, so he just tolerates it. 


Jett is such a ridiculously patient dog. He is unflinchingly loyal. 


This garbage truck plus all the matchbox and hot wheels have brought nothing but joy to Sutton this week. It is widely preferred to all the baby toys. It was a birthday gift for Wells two years ago. You may remember, I carried it into multiple hotel rooms and tucked it into bed. 

4. A true favorite is when you just stop caring and go hard on Twitter. It is the Year of Our Lord 2023, ma'am:

And then there's this: What in the name of civil rights is THIS?


I don't have fabric scissors but I do have My Scissors. Scott left them in the garage after he used them to cut the raffia and camo burlap (or whatever) for his duck blind. 

Going on week 3 of avoiding a phone call

Happy to live in District 3!

Bonus: Sutton is 10 months this week. Her monthly post is coming next week. I did Wells' 4.5 year post on Tuesday. If you're wondering why I write these, still, it's because I don't do baby books very well lol. 

In case you missed it, here's some podcasts I've been listening to lately!

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  1. Go get 'em on Twitter! I had to stop reading a couple of blogs that became irritatingly pro mask/ vaccine. I had enjoyed reading one blog quite a bit because the writer had the exact same taste in literature as I do and I liked her writing style. Then she mentioned making her kids wear masks in school when the district didn't require it. I stopped reading the post and have never gone to her blog again. The lack of critical thinking skills and common sense overshadowed everything I had liked about her blog. I can get reading recs elsewhere...


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