January 17, 2023

4.5 Years of Wells.

I am convinced that as soon as a boy turns 3, you become unable to take a good picture of him because he just cheeses at the camera. Like, no discernible facial features. We've been at that stage with Wells for like a year and a half now. Here's a rare normal smile:

dressed himself on this day

Wells is shockingly smart. I feel a lot of peace in knowing that he'll be ready for kindergarten in the fall. From the minute I found out he was a boy way back in March 2018, I was hesitant; a boy born in July is always incredibly iffy when it comes to school. Should we start him at 5 or wait til he's 6? Then, I knew it'd depend on him. This is seriously something I thought about at least monthly for a very long time. Once he made it through most of PreK-3 last year, I figured he'd be just fine in kindergarten at age 5. This year he is doing PreK-4 and I think two years of preschool have made all the difference in the world. Highly, highly recommend that strategy! Put your boys in preschool at 3 to see how they do. 

But back to the smart part: he's always reading out numbers and letters when we're out driving and walking and shopping. He counts to 100 or 120 aloud all the time. He likes to build his Legos and play by himself quietly. Sometimes he likes books but he's not a superfan of reading; I can tell he wants to read and be read to, but he doesn't enjoy the process or something. I recently taught him how to play checkers and now we play checkers before bed instead of reading a book. He likes to cut and paste and scribble, but he does not (does not) like to color at all. He used to love to paint, but he's just not a fan now. I'm hoping he grows back into that. 

I spend most of my time just reinforcing life skills like change your clothes, wash your hands, put your shoes away, etc. I set out his clothes every night and he knows where they are for preschool in the morning. Same with brushing teeth. He's learned how to do that on his own too. 

Wells' favorite movie seems to be The Lion King. He watches it a lot.

Wells, like me, is very routine-oriented and task-driven. If something is amiss, he lets me know. He needs his vitamin every day, he lets me know if I forgot to give him something or do something I mentioned in passing hours before...memory like an elephant, that one. 

He is the sweetest as soon as he gets up in the morning and right before he goes to bed at night. He does not (does not) nap. He goes and goes from 6am-ish to whatever time we allow him to stay up until. During the week, I try to make sure he's in bed by 8pm. He's just that type and doesn't require a lot of sleep, I guess. 

He is a true first-born rule follower, but he likes to create his own rules. He's a negotiator and I often refer to him as an "unruly politician". I heard that from somewhere and it describes Wells perfectly. 

put his mittens on by himself

Wells LOVES people. He can make a friend anywhere. I attribute this to the fact that I took him everywhere with me for his first two years. He smiled and talked to everyone from the seat of a shopping cart and the highchair at restaurants. He never has toys or our phones when we're out and about. He's always looking for someone to talk to instead. 

Wells loves:

Fairlife protein milk, jelly toast (no butter) and eggs, Legos, Youtube, and playing with friends. He likes Paw Patrol and Spidey and His Amazing Friends. He told me yesterday that he "hates PJ Masks" when I offered him a PJ Masks band-aid. 

Wells doesn't like:

Going to sleep at night. Baths. (he tells me this every single day)

^^ That has been Wells since day one. He's never liked either of those.

Wells has his own personality and is completely his own little person. I tell him all the time that he's my little baby Wells and he tells me no, he's not. However, his greatest aspiration right now is for him to be "big enough" for me to allow him to watch Power Rangers.

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