December 5, 2022

November books.

Live Your Truth and Other Lies by Alisa Childers.

If you like apologetics or need more apologetics in your life, this is your book. It doesn't deep-dive into deconstruction like her first book; it's much more accessible for the culture as an antidote to Girl, Wash Your Face. I found it particularly fitting because she talks a lot about post-partum expectations. I don't have it in front of me because I did the audio but there was something about how she did Whatever She Wanted for thirty-some years and now there was a baby and there was no more of that at all. The adjustment was startling for her and she relates that to the misnomer of "live your truth". 

All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers.

As far as readability, it's fine. The end was weird, though. 

I have Thoughts on Ashley Flowers. We can start with Crime Junkie. Yeah, it passes the time but I take issue with the fact that she has branded herself as the face of true crime when her show is surface level at best. For other true crime podcasts, I rarely even know what the hosts look like, unless I try to deep dive somewhere. Second, she has definitely plagiarized in the past (which I don't even think is THAT big of a deal, really, except she brands herself as an investigator/journalist or whatever and instead of saying anything about it or giving credit or apologizing, you just wiped the episodes from the backlog. Third, you will see hints of that in this story. It reads, as a blog friend said to me, just like Jonbenet fan fiction. It's just kind of odd and gross and gives an ending (the ending she thinks is what happened?) to the cause of Jonbenet's death. 

In addition, Crime Junkie did an episode on Scott Peterson in which they claimed he *could* be innocent. (I have a lot of issues with CJ and that's just one of them.)

More Than a Healer: Not the Jesus You Want, but the Jesus You Need by Costi Hinn.

I love Costi Hinn. In reality, we all need to be affirmed in the fact that Jesus does not do what we want Him to all of the time. It's hard to explain how relevant this book is to all Christians, but especially those who are going through trials. I don't know that I would've picked up a book like this (on audio) were it not for the fact that he wrote it, but I really just enjoy anything Costi has to say/write. 

Currently, I'm reading The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager. It's fine so far, at about 25% into it. Next up is a few things from BOTM and then some library holds whenever those come in 😑

I already doubled my (admittedly low) goal of 20 for the year so 40 books plus whatever I read in December is definitely more than enough for 2022. 

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