December 6, 2022

Amazon lately...

This would be a much lengthier list if I included everything but I'm assuming (assuming) that you aren't in the market for F350 truck tires, so this is just my stuff. 

Just the other day, Scott was trying to fix some things on his truck. For the entire week, parts had been delivered each day for the project he was working on completing. Finally, he had to run to an auto parts store to get one last thing...the store was out of stock even though the website said they had three of whatever he needed. They assured him another store (in another town) would have it based on the website. He went. They were out of stock too. It was an entire day of him driving from store to store to store, even calling a friend to check on a store so he didn't have to drive 40 miles out of the way (one way) to look for himself. 

Because of AMAZON, this doesn't happen every week. Because of AMAZON, this frustration is saved for once a month or so instead of daily, you know? 

I realize an ode to Jeff Bezos is not how you expected this post to begin, but that's the state of things in my world. 

This carpet/upholstery scrubber. So, we bought a new one because one of the seals on ours broke this fall. I do want to say that Scott was able to fix it but we're not sure it's at 100% you know? But he knows how I rely on this so we ordered another for an insanely good price. We paid full price for the first one and we have used the heck out of it. It truly looks like it's been in a fight...cracked, stained, dented; we got it in Colorado, to give a reference point. It's lived in CO, PA, KS, and MO in 5 years. I'm not shocked it broke because we've never gone easy on it. (I just don't want to deter you by saying it's a broken piece of junk's fantastic for the price if you're in the market for a scrubber.)

Teether toy. I put this in the cart, forgot about it, and Scott bought it at one point. I really like the Itzy Ritzy brand. Also for Sutton's stocking: this indestructible book and these stacking cups

Silicone key ring. I bought a few of these to give as gifts. I've been wanting one forever and it seems so silly because it's $7 and it would just make my life easier. 

Simple Modern tumbler. This is a gift but I haven't decided who is getting it yet. I've heard great things about it. I got the sage colored one in the front. 

Graco SlimFit carseat. I didn't get this color but the color I ordered (gray back) isn't there for this price...We paid like $140, I think. I was going to put off a new carseat for another few months but with our long trip to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, I think it'd be better for her. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get the bottom cover off. The Youtube videos aren't showing this exact model. While I like the seat, I don't know that I'd push you to it. I initially thought it was the same as Wells' but I can get the bottom part of the cover off of his so...

Burt's Bees pajamas. These are my absolute favorite. I feel like I mentioned them before but I've decided in the effort of making my life e-a-s-i-e-r, Sutton is going to be wearing these most days when we're at home or just dropping/picking up Wells from school. She's a baby after all. No snaps or socks to mess with. The quality is fantastic for the price and they run big. She's been wearing the 6-9 months sleepers since September and she's 8 months now. (Every baby we know is getting a set for Christmas :)

I also got another Ziploc flexible tote because we're "subscribed" to get one each month and I always find a use for it. I used it to haul gear to PA, instead of having 7 different totes/shopping bags in the car. 

Scott had most of the purchases this month and unless you want to see the tire sensor he bought yesterday, that's it for today. 

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  1. I love those keychains like that you can just toss on your wrist. I need a silicone one - I had a fabric one for years but it took so much room in my purse & I have a bead one that I know will snap with the thin wire in it soon.
    I really should get some of those totes - I bet I could find something to do with it all the time too - storage galore!

  2. Amazon is the bomb. Problem I'm having right now is stuff is saved for later, I just need to buy!

  3. I am always surprised by the home, pool and car repair items my husband is able to find on Amazon. It seems so random that they have these things, but it sure beats driving around town like you said. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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