November 5, 2022

Friday things, 11/4

Obviously I meant to post this yesterday. Then I knew I had to take both children for flu shots and that consumed my mental energy for the day. I finished the night with way too much Love is Blind and then was up twice with the baby last night and, well, that's just literally the story of the last 11 days or so. 

1. Outdoor scenes from the week. 


There are no photos of Jett because Jett is perpetually underfoot and it's just a blur of orange back fur. 

This episode was so good. Highly recommend it if you're not a regular listen of the Alisa Childers podcast. I'm not a regular listener; I pick and choose. 


I got a shadowbox for Sutton that is the exact same as the one Wells has. The only issue is that I don't like the hat she wore in the hospital and I have a lot of feelings about that. I'm going to have to figure out what to put in there I guess. His is the hat and mitts he wore in the hospital. I don't really have that for her. 


This is lame but I do really like coming up with different mocktails lately. Wells always, always wants whatever I have so it's just easier this way. 
I mixed regular old limeaide with Cherry Bubly and added some maraschino cherries. This would probably be great with a splash of gin too, or even white wine to make it a spritzer.


Have you ever noticed the sheer # of people who bemoan capitalism from their iphone?

Just kidding. Nobody's getting breakfast made around here. Definitely not my thing. 

My personal favorite of the bunch ^^^

Getting Wells to preschool in the morning is more challenging than I ever thought it'd be.

In case you missed it:

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  1. I love Alisa Childers, I'll have to listen to that episode! Great memes. The unsolved mysteries one got me.


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