November 2, 2022

Amazon lately... [October 2022]

Linking up a day late and this is an extensive one. I started my Christmas shopping early-early this year (pats self on back).

When it comes to gifts for others...

Live Your Truth by Alisa Childers. Her first book (Another Gospel) was so poignant. I listened to it two or three times on audio. Along that same theme, Faithfully Different by Natasha Crain. I've heard her on multiple podcasts and she has a lot to say about Christianity vs. secular culture. 

The Magic Treehouse books #1-4 for Wells. I want to start doing chapter books with him so he can get into serialized stories, one chapter at a time. 

Burt's Bees pajamas for babies and then the toddler variety. I cannot say enough good things about these. I *prefer* them for Sutton, first of all, because they run big, instead of small like most brands. I also prefer them because their prints are cuter than the more expensive varieties out there, especially the holiday prints. 

Sutton in a Christmas print I ordered for like $8 back in August. 

This month's most boring purchase that has made a difference in my quality of daily life: these dishcloths. I really do recommend them. It seemed like a splurge to order new dishcloths...what is this world coming to...

In addition: saline spray for sick children. And an electric nasal aspirator, which may seem like a waste of $40 for sure, but it's literally all I can possibly do for a sick infant so it makes me feel better. Tried it on Wells to experiment and see if it worked. (it does)

Also for baby: these fresh fruit feeders

This Paw Patrol Ultimate City Tower was a lightening deal on Prime Day so I grabbed it for Wells for Christmas. These are my favorite, favorite, favorite coloring pads. Wells used to love them but he has little to no interest in coloring these days. I got some anyway from "Santa". They are great for finger paint too so, worst case, Sutton might get to try them out. 

Pillow covers, instead of buying new pillows and curtain tiebacks.

I had to try 3 different sizes of pillow covers before I got ones that fit so...measure your pillows before ordering, I guess. 

This was the month I also ordered a few pairs of jeans and then hated them all and they went right back to UPS. That'll be a separate post on my Jean Journey (it's not a long one). 

Usually I don't list Scott's purchases (Aluminite Clear Casting Resin, anyone?), but this outdoor speaker is pretty neat. He got it to lead a PT group. 

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  1. Those Burt's Bee's pajamas are soo soft! Putting the dish cloths on my list! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  2. Oh goodness, Sutton is TOOOOO cute in those jammies! Off to check out Live Your Truth.


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