October 20, 2022

WIW: The Shacket

WIW on a Thursday because that's how it goes...

These shoes from Target: I tried to return them back in February because weren't quite what I wanted. They told me to keep them and refunded me my money anyway. Turns out, they're the perfect fall transition shoe, even though they were too heavy for summer. Who knew? 
These are similar. 

I don't know that a trend has ever popped up this quickly. It's been fast and furious. I live in small-town USA. I see well-dressed women wearing these all over the place (okay, at preschool pick-up). 

Mine is Carhartt

They're also shockingly expensive for some reason, but it probably depends where you buy

I am proud to announce that I was three years ahead of the trend: my mom bought me this shacket for Christmas in 2019. She said it looked really nice on the mannequin with black leggings (maybe at Dick's or Bass Pro, I'm not sure). I didn't wear it a ton at first because I was unsure of its purpose; the shacket hadn't really made itself known yet. But then it came in handy last year on Fridays when I was pregnant. It matched my orange and black school spirit wear very well. 

Now, I wear it as a coat. It's actually just as heavy as my Northface jackets and a lot more stylish in 2022, and comfortable too. 

Scott has a few jackets like this too. He bought one at Walmart in like 2017 and wore it to work outside. It was pretty ugly and it's a mess now after years of working on houses in it. So I bought him a new one a few years later so he would stop wearing the one that looks like it goes hand in hand with criminal activity. Unfortunately, he witnessed a car accident one day and stopped to help. He was wearing the new shacket and gave it away to a young boy he helped out of a car who didn't happen to have a coat that day. Again, it was brand new. 

And he started wearing the one that makes him look like a threat to society again. 

Maybe I'll be getting him a new shacket for Christmas. 

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  1. I bought a soft shacket for one of my kids at Costco about 4 years ago. We are on the same wavelength because I am thinking about shackets and jeans. First, for my shacket, I am built like a linebacker so I decided to just go with a heavy flannel from Old Navy. I plan to wear it open sometimes like a shacket and maybe closed, too. I will keep looking, but I need something not too thick. I love yours! It looks great!


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