October 18, 2022

Recommendations needed!

1. What kind of jeans are we wearing these days? I haven't bought jeans since Spring of 2019. Yes, you read that correctly. I really don't wear them often but I'd like a reliable pair. I guess I'm thinking straight leg or boyfriend style. NO flares. I served my time with those from 1999-2009, thanks very much. 

Sometimes when I look at some of the ridiculous fits and shapes that are out there for jeans at this very moment, it answers the question as to how stone-washed mom jeans could've been allowed in the early 1990s. 

2. What kind of leggings are the go-to right now? I have thought of trying Zella from Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack... I realized quite quickly this week that I need to add to my athleisure out-of-the-house wear. It's been in the 40s in the mornings.  

Expanding on all that ^^ I spent all of last year wearing dresses to work and then shorts since May. Pants haven't really been a thing in my orbit. 

3. What kind of planner are you using right now? I swear I have a low-level adhd in this season of life and I need something that helps me, not hinders me. I also need it to be pre-dated. I've gone the undated route for, I think, two years now and I like to plan months ahead for random things so it's easier if there's dates already. 

I've considered Rifle Paper and Living Well, I'm trying not to look at Erin Condren because I've been sorely disappointed my last few orders, I'm not an Emily Ley fan...I'm not really into the uber-expensive Passion Planner style. I don't have "goals". I have "tasks" and things I want to remember to do. It's a tracker for me, as much as it is a planner. Right now, I have a smaller undated one from Amazon that I like the aesthetic of, but I need it to be bigger. 

Anything to recommend???


  1. No help on the jeans, I am still going with a skinny style found at Nordstrom - Wit and Wisdom. For planner, I grabbed the Plan from Lauren Truslow. I started with the current year to make sure I liked it since it is an hourly planner and on the larger size but I love the layout.

  2. I have just a simple planner from target that is traditional 8.5x11. There is a clean monthly layout and large spaces for each day of the week - plenty of room to keep track of schedules and to-do lists. Its so simple compared to many planners out there, but perfect for this season of life.

  3. I kind of hate Old Navy, but I've gotten a couple cheap pairs of jeans there lately that seem to be good quality. I've also had success with American Eagle. I have a Rifle Paper planner and I love it!

    1. I feel like their quality is better now. I also just bought two pairs of jeans for $18 each. I used to love AE jeans, but now I feel like the pattern on the back pocket looks weird. I am team plain back pockets. It has kept me from buying other brands, too.

  4. I also buy my planners from Target. I get the school year one with month tabs and big squares to write in. The brand on the back says Simplified. I go cheap on leggings-Amazon and I think the brand is colorful koala or something like that. They have side phone pockets and stay up and don’t sag. Jeans I spend money on. My favorite pair right now is Citizens of Humanity. They are mid rise and straight leg and I feel cute in them so they are worth the money to me.

  5. So I just bought a light and a dark pair on sale for $18 each at Old Navy. I bought the High-Rise Straight. I think this is a good compromise because it is kinda like a skinny but looks more modern with not such fitted legs. Those have started looking weird to me and they feel constricting. Also, these pairs were very long so I cut and frayed them in the dryer.
    As for leggings, lots are talking about Amazon CRZ leggings. I am a huge fan of Costco Felina. They are so soft and perfect for lounging, but they are not what I would call an exercise legging. My favorite leggings for exercise have pockets on either side. So convenient! I am using a planner I found for $4 on clearance at Kohl's, so I am not much help there!

  6. I found a $10 (maybe less?) planner at TJ Maxx that I LOVE! I also found a prayer journal there that I have been super into. For jeans, my absolute favorite pair is Mother brand from Nordstrom. They are super cute and trendy looking, and fit amazing and feel so good on. They were pricey, but to me it was an investment well worth it. Do not get Zella from Rack, they suck and are a completely different quality than the true ones from Nordstrom. The Zella during Nsale are also not the same as the Zella any other time I purchase from Nordstrom. Just throwing that out there. I like my Zella leggings just fine, but my Spanx are my absolute favorites.


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