May 2, 2022

May Goals.

I haven't set goals since February and I'm not crazy enough to look back at them now.  March was unpredictable. April was survival mode. May is going to be survival mode too but I have to jump back in at some point. 

flower-planting is a goal this month too. our neighbor said the last people who lived here chopped down the most beautiful lilac bush. this year, for the first time, it's started to come back. 

1.  Do the May calendar for The Balanced Life. I'm committing to a full month of pilates before jumping back into any kind of cardio. I haven't done regular pilates since...oh-em-gee, maybe last May? I'm super excited to watch pilates work its magic in the post-partum months. I'll add in cardio workouts soon enough, but it feels good to know I have the confidence in the tried and true workouts I love and don't need to push myself into sweating to feel progress. 

2. Begin and follow through on a full month of Bible reading, going along with this plan

3. Read the two books that I have started but not been patient enough to sit down and finish. 

I have a lot of other random tasks on my plate for the month...packing up my classroom, cutting the grass, planting flowers, making a vet appointment, sorting through boxes in the garage and barn...

So I'm going to say if I can do #s 1 and 2 up there, I am going to reward myself with some book purchases. I very rarely buy books. Almost never, in fact. But, since my library is so bad that I've actually complained, I am going to be willing to spend a bit of money on books. I've always found it absolutely pointless to buy stacks of books you just have to store (and move around) when libraries offer them for F-R-E-E. But when I can't get an ebook I want to read for a least 6 months, I have to just throw in the towel. 

Again, I'm just kind of posting these for public accountability. Some days right now, honestly, my only goal is to make sure I have dinner made.

Any goals for May? 

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  1. I like the idea of bible in a year. I may need to check that out.


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