April 29, 2022

Friday Recommendations #9

1. Align leggings.

Everyone sings the praises of Align leggings. I agree. I splurged on a pair in January 2021 and they are great for running errands or walking dogs. I don't buy random off-brand leggings, like ever, because they usually don't work out for me. 

However, I would never call these lounging around leggings. 

But, the point here: I put these on the other day and they fit perfectly. I'm certainly not as toned as the last time I tried them on (a year ago, probably) but they really are incredibly well-made and now I see why bloggers are always recommending them for pregnancy and post-partum. They were worth the investment because they are definitely the high quality you pay for with this brand. 

2. New trashcan. 

I have a thing with trashcans. When you move a lot, you have to plan on packing your trashcans and it's always one of the last things that get packed and usually gets damaged in some way because it's a mad rush during those days. I went through two in Colorado because I broke one. I left the nice one with Scott in CO when I was in Wyoming and then it got all messed up because he was remodeling things. Then I left it in Pittsburgh while I drove Wells to Kansas and didn't have a trashcan for a month so I bought a cheap small plastic one for temporary use. And then the trashcan got packed up and I didn't get it in Missouri until we were here for like a month so I started using that plastic one again because that got unpacked quickly for some reason. By the time the "nice" trashcan got unpacked, it was a mess and I've never felt like cleaning it so it's just been sitting in the garage. It's a whole long story, right?

So after almost a year of using a less than great trashcan, I bought myself a present. When we got home, Scott was like "another trashcan? seriously?". 

Checking all of the options

I know most people don't think about trashcans twice, but when you're always moving where's-the-trashcan-? is a big deal because it's really one of the kitchen necessities, you know? 

I really like this one that I chose. I can't find it on the website but the quality of the brand is pretty legitimate overall. Since I'm so picky about trashcans, the Simple Human brand has been one I've always wanted to get. 

3. Watership Down. 

This is a show on Netflix based on a book. It is not, I repeat not, for children. When I walked by the living room last week and saw it on, I thought it was the movie Hop, which Wells has watched before. Turns out, Wells was in the kitchen and Scott was watching by himself and I thought it was weird that Scott was watching Hop. But no. Not Hop. 

Watership Down has a true Animal Farm feel. Animal Farm is a book that, apparently, not enough of us have read, so go do that as a bonus recommendation. 

I can't say I truly enjoyed Watership Down because I just thought it was really weird, but it's worth your time if you feel like something thought-provoking. 

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  1. I have always wanted to try Align leggings. I really need to treat myself to a pair. Maybe for fall.


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