March 30, 2022

Baby Sutton

Baby Sutton was born on March 18th. That's what we call her...Wells didn't go by his actual name for like a year. Interested to see where this goes with her. 

Scott picked the name Sutton, but I remember hearing it a few years ago and thinking what a great name it was. Elizabeth is my middle name and my grandmother's name. So, Sutton Elizabeth it was. It's funny because I picked Wells' first name and Scott picked his middle name (Easton), so this was the reverse. 

I was so sick from the meds after she was born that I basically just watched Scott take care of her for a day or so. 

She is completely identical to Wells. Just smaller than he was. 

She does love to sleep. (just not at night)

I don't think she's noticed the dogs yet. Like with Wells, Jett adores her and Scout pretends she doesn't exist. (I think Scout thinks we're playing a game of "outwit and outlast", as he's been trapped in the house with either me, Scott's mom, and two children for the last two weeks.)

I will definitely share her birth story and all for anyone who is interested (it was more complicated than Wells'...there honestly wasn't much to share there), but I wanted to get a few pictures up today. 
She's a teeny little peanut at less than 7 pounds but she's definitely calmer than Wells ever was and she loves to eat more than I assumed was possible for someone so small. 


  1. She is precious! Congratulations on Baby Sutton. Hope you are getting rest!

  2. OH MY GOODNESSSSSS... she is just adorable!!!!
    & I love her name!

    Hope you're doing well & getting some rest

  3. Congrats! I love the name Sutton and she is a doll. Sutton Foster is the actress on Younger that I really love. You really timed this birth well. I hope you don't have to go back this year! Lol!

  4. She's absolutely adorable! Congrats on the addition to your family.

  5. She is so precious!!! Congrats again!

  6. I had commented previously (IG), but she is truly precious! Congratulations again! How is Wells feeling about being a big brother?


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