February 20, 2022

(Another) God Bless the Screenshot

Man, it was a long week. I've got, like, nothing left in me by Friday. Literally, getting out of bed is my Everest and then after a day of work and Wells and whatnot... My thoughts are often too jumbled to organize and I just scroll social media or read until I fall asleep. 
Once in a while I have this thought and it goes like this: You have lived in 5 states in less than 4 years. Just stop thinking you can be on par with people who never move. The playing field of expectations is not even. In that 4 years, we had Wells, moved 4 times, I've had multiple jobs, Wells has had multiple caregivers, Scott has had multiple jobs and projects outside of work, we've had to find multiple new doctors and dentists and service providers and now we're having another baby in less than a month. 

Honestly, thank goodness for the Service Members' Civil Relief Act. It means I/we can hold onto Alaska residency/voting/taxes. Otherwise, we'd be changing residency in every new place. 

I've discovered that Wells whines less in the car if we listen to music instead of podcasts (i know, i know), so my Pandora app has been getting a workout. Pandora > Spotify, always, by the way. 
Remember when music used to be good?  Anyway, that song demonstrates my current survival mode.

But the window to the soul is the collection of screenshots one can find on someone's phone...

Most of this is Covid related. 
I feel very disheartened, dejected, and disappointed...and disgusted...at the fact that we're still doing all this while ignoring very real problems that are presented to us. I will have a fact-driven discussion with anyone, any day, who chooses to live in the real world, but I don't get a lot of that in my day-to-day. 

I cannot stress this enough: if you celebrating societal segregation, you are not the good guy. The least of these reasons is that people who are vaccinated can still spread Covid. We all agree on this, right? 

Daniel Buck runs The Chalkboard Review. Highly recommend if you're a teacher OR a parent with kids in school. 

This popped up in my Google Photos memories. This was our normal pre-Covid. It's also our normal now (I just don't take pictures anymore).

Yikes, indeed. If you posted a black square in solidarity, not with a group of people but, with an incredibly corrupt organization, can you defend this? 

This does explain a lot, to be honest: 

If you know of a good phonics curriculum I can do at home this summer, let me know! Wells is in a more Christian-oriented, play-based preschool so they don't push reading early (and I don't either...I've never even attempted to teach him to read at 3), but I'd like to introduce phonics soon. He knows his letters. 




  1. I will never understand how people ignore the fact that vaccinated people can still get and spread covid just like the unvaccinated.

  2. I used a book called Alpha-Phonics (available on Amazon or Christian Book Distributers) to teach my son to read at age 4. I am now using the same book to tutor some public schooled kids who are struggling to read because of the local school's mask mandate. I have also used it at different times in a classroom setting, mostly as reinforcement for ELLs. Highly recommend!

  3. Sorry, I"m kind of a silent reader, but I had to pipe up here - definitely check out All About Reading! It's our family's favorite reading curriculum. Or if you want something cheaper but still good to try first, Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons is a classic, and has the best method for teaching sound blending!


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