December 30, 2021

Christmas Travels pt. 2


Wells' handiwork. 

I told him he could have a cookie and he picked the biggest one off of the plate. 

Apple Strudel 

Trying to open every possible present he sees. 

(This is a 10-15 year old random Star Wars(?) toy that he procured from my aunt's house. It somehow came home with us.)

This is what I called my Christmas present. It's basically this tote, or this one, but I found it for $100(!) on sale on the MZ Wallace site last month. It's actually the one I wanted last year with the black and blue two-tone. Since it was last year's color/style, it was discounted almost $200. Insane. 

My mom made a chocolate cake for a get-together the other night. I frosted it.

And then we were gifted more baby girl clothes than we could ever know what to do with, so I will be buried and sorting baby clothes/gear for the entire month of January (see: next week's monthly goals).

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