October 7, 2021

Phone Photos Lately.

The best thing ever was the day Instagram and Facebook were down, right? It seems so simple: just don't use the platforms. But when you want to know things, I feel forced to use them. Wells' school posts pictures on Facebook. Instagram is where all the great memes come from. It was quite funny though, to see people I've hardly ever seen on Twitter randomly post things because they had nowhere else to go but, apparently, had things to say:

But back to a simpler time, when we just posted phone photos on blogs. The good old days. 

It's true, however, that the only real reason I keep Facebook right now is because how else would I know that Wells got to have brownies for someone's birthday? 3 year olds don't exactly come home and tell you about their day in any detail. He can recite, on repeat, that Tommy Triangle has 3 corners and 3 sides with the accompanying hand motions...but I heard not a word of the bounce house last week until I saw the video on Facebook. 

I hate that I love this stuff. I've gotten it at Starbucks multiple times now. 

Did some walking the other day and these shoes aren't great for it but it was too nice to drive around. I can't decide what's worse: nice weather and being stuck in school, or hell-ish heat over the summer and being stuck in the house. 

Wells does like to cut paper. 

These were on sale so I grabbed them. Super good. I still add creamer. 

Scout climbed up onto the [not his first] roof the other day. Via the ladder. 

Those pumpkins are dead. I just didn't want to leave them to rot in the garden. 

Waiting for grocery pick-up. 

Sheet pan nachos. I think I'm Mexican-fooded out. This was just easy and people wanted to eat. 

And some funny screenshots:

Michelle has the best memes. 

If those don't make you cry-laugh, I can't do anything for you. 


  1. OHHH - I'll have to look for that coffee.
    Ricky always gets that drink at Starbucks too. I like the Immune one - orange, I think. ... I havent had one yet I didnt like.
    Loving those shoes. I need to look for some for colder months - I'm still in all my sandals at work

  2. I especially loved the email meme because I had actually cried over a stupid email the day I saw it. I really want to quit Instagram, but I can’t leave the memes.

  3. Definitely going to give the fried rice and marsala a try. Both look great and I am soooo tired of trying to figure out dinner.

  4. I can’t believe your dog can climb a ladder! I would love to see that on your security camera! Your meals look great! That was funny about social media. It’s just become habit for me and I don’t get much value out of it. They have made me afraid I will miss out on something good but I never do.
    I hate missing out on the good weather days.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. i love your dog hows cute look at him at rooftop...
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