September 1, 2021

Currently in September.

Beginning... No Spend September! I almost always go a little nuts in August. It's like my New Year, so I want everything to be new and fresh. The contingency I've already made is for a Stitchfix box this month. Other than that, I shouldn't have anything other than necessities. I already placed a Book of the Month order, so that doesn't count right? I haven't read a book in OVER a month and I've skipped the last two BOTMs because they didn't appeal to me. 

Ending.... This flipping summer. I love #fall. I got a lot of joy over changing out my classroom calendar yesterday. 

Loving... okay, this is trivial: this body wash. It is the BEST smell. The bottle is's actually an emerald color. And it is an exfoliant. I found it at Target last week. I've bought this brand many times but I've never seen this scent. Highly recommend.

Picking.... I did Walmart grocery pickup for the first time ever in Missouri and for the first time overall in like 6 months. This week has been rough when it comes to trying to get it all done, so I knew I had to do that, or there would be no groceries. I was very pleased with the customer service (they have about 30 bays here for pick-up, instead of 5-10 like other Walmarts I've used). They were out of the two things I really wanted (naan and garlic bread for dinners this week), but it was such a huge timesaver that I don't even care.

Posting... I don't even know. I post a lot of political facts and details on my Instagram stories. I've written a few posts lately for later this month. I post way too much on Twitter (mostly just replies). I post not at all on Facebook. And, with the beginning of school, I find myself in, like, multiple Remind groups. Not ideal. 

But the most important thing here that I can impart to you: do not post on Facebook. Just read the comments. It cracks me up when I get friend requests (new job, new connections, you know how that goes)...Like, Ooooookay. We can be friends, I guess. I'm not gonna post anything but enjoy that Daily Harvest coupon code I shared last year. 

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  1. Good to know about that body wash - I'm out & need to pick some up

  2. I rarely share on Facebook anymore. I can't wait to try that body wash - sounds wonderful!

  3. I rarely post on Facebook these days. I'm just kind of over it. And I wish I had access to that body wash because it sounds so good! I live in Canada so I don't know if I could find it here. Will have to look...

  4. I've been posting more on TikTok because I'm new to it, but in general, I haven't been posting as much on my blog or social media.

    I LOVE Fall and I cannot wait for all the fun things.


  5. I never post on FB unless I specifically auto-posted from Instagram. I deleted Twitter last year and have zero regrets about it. I would LOVE to delete FB, but I haven't. Maybe I'll just deactivate. I'm soooo ready for fall. Usually I try to hang on to summer, but this year? BYE!


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