August 30, 2021

Last weekend in August. (with emphasis)


I haven't done muddy dog pictures in awhile. 

PTL that it's the last weekend in August and that this dumb hot month is just about over. 

They're not exactly muddy. They went swimming and were covered in burrs. 

Scott took them for a swim while I drove my mom to the airport on Sunday. 
I can't lie: while we just generally enjoy having her around, she also did all of the cooking, cleaning, childcare, child-bathing, playing with the child, GROCERY SHOPPING, and dog care during the day. 

It's been like 24 hours and I am hurting already. 

(We are VERY MUCH looking forward to Pap's visit next month!)

Anyway, I went into this week wholly unprepared and I own that. It happens. 

Wells and I watched some trash TV together on Sunday evening (BIP...I told him to go play but he was interested so...)

And the furniture is all covered up because we're dabbling in drywall work again and that's just the WORST.

In other news, I got my hair done Saturday (pic to follow), have bought an EMBARRASSING number of hair/beauty products in the last few days (doesn't everything always run out at once?), got drenched by cloud bursts TWICE today, and Wells and I were both up at 4am this morning. So...

I'm about to go wrestle Daniel Tiger on the iPad away from him because it's already past his bedtime. I just feel bad because the internet wasn't working before so he had to make do with Ice Road Truckers on the live TV satellite (i'm not kidding). 


  1. All the hair products in the world dont win against our humidity - LOL
    Muddy dogs... I can smell them now. Not that I have experience or anything


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