August 16, 2021

Random Catch-Up

I feel very out of the loop. I haven't watched TV since, pretty sure, April. I haven't been reading books  in the last few weeks. I don't even know what I'm doing with my time. Managing a 3 year old? I wouldn't be managing very well without my mom here helping me, that's for sure. We had a busy weekend and now I have another full week of training before kids start (and my amazon package with some school necessities is running late...)

1. Jett. I didn't want to spend the night before I went back to work googling "emergency vet" but Jett is my dog so that's what I was doing. Turns out the only ER vet within 100 miles is 88 miles away and they are only open from 6pm-8am and the weekends (STILL! This was the case 8 years ago too.). So, you can't just walk in whenever. Sometimes I miss that ER vet in Colorado Springs --not really, but you know...

Anyway, I scheduled him an appointment for Wednesday. He has an issue that *should* clear up in two weeks with a follow-up (and six pills a day). 

2. Work. Back to work and wholly overwhelmed but I know too much at this point to let it suck me in and pull me under. It'll all get done. A lot of the "stuff" is kid-related and it's not worth labeling and counting things out until right before the first day. There's always extra kids popping onto the roster. You go crazy trying to keep up with it. And a lot that I'd like to do (plan the first week) I can't do because I don't have all of the info from my building yet. One step at a time. 

3. Tree. The company I called on Friday came out on Monday to cut down our tree. 

don't worry. i'm sure it'll hit the house next time. this particular strike knocked out the neighbor's power for a second + destroyed his modem and a tv. 

Funnily enough, the people I called were the same ones my neighbor called to hook me up with a tree service in the first place (he knows them) and they never showed up when he called. So. I kinda wish I'd gone with a different company but it's done. I just picked the local one with the best reviews. 

4. Heat. We were under a heat advisory all week and I cannot deal with it. I hate the cold but I don't know how you all live in the south. It's just miserable. 

5. Friday, I dropped my car off at the Toyota dealership so they could replace a part due to a safety recall. Then we went to Wells' preschool to meet his teacher (he screamed and yelled because, when we were done, he didn't want to leave...a good sign?). Then I took the dogs for a car ride and walked them because the heat had finally broken and they hadn't been out much all week. 

6. Scott asked for a "pic of the garden". I never fail to disappoint when it comes to managing a garden and he never fails to go away for the summer the second he plants a garden and then leaves me in charge of it. 

I did some mowing and weeding-eating real fast-like:

eh. i'm not not trying. it's just been really hot out and the weeds are out of control. i do get out and pick tomatoes and zucchinis almost every day. 
(tell me it doesn't look as bad as I think it does...i feel like making sure the pumpkins get their miracle-gro every 6 days is not my #1 right now. still it'd be nice for scott to actually compliment my gardening one of these times he returns and sees what I've done.)

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  1. PoorJett - hope he's doing better.
    Yeah - the heat... its a different sort of misery down in the south.
    Gardening... I cant ever keep up with it - why I only did it one year with my dad's help. You have to stay on top of it every day & aint no body got time for that. Why I'll support road side farmers :)


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