July 19, 2021

Mid-Year Goals Check-In for 2021

As you often do, I set some goals for the year. I kept them to myself this year because I didn't want it to be a hard and fast set of rules. Just a few things I wanted to work on or try out.

Being over halfway through 2021, here's what I came up with and here's how it's going:

1. No frozen pizza. Since Wells was born, I'd had a fallback plan of frozen pizza at least once a week. Better than takeout? Sure...but still. This goal went super well in 2021 until May when we started eating frozen pizza twice a week because we were spending weekends at a new house with no dishes to cook with. I don't know why this is my pit that I fall into. Having *a* frozen pizza on hand just gives me comfort in knowing there's a night in the future where I don't have to make dinner. 

2. At-home balayage. My usual highlighting isn't doing it for me anymore but I'm apprehensive to try something new. I would love to do balayage because they make kits for it. I don't want to pay hundreds at a salon. 

When I went earlier this month to get my hair cut, I also scheduled an appointment for some lowlights. I can't promise that I'll be able to keep that appointment with Scott's crazy schedule, but it should cost less than $50 and I can live with that. 

3. Renew my passport. This is because it's 10 years old and needs to be done. And, given the August deadline on that, I sent it off at the beginning of June as soon as I had a new permanent address. 

4. Track my clothes spending. This is a new one for me. I've never tried it and been successful before. I started in January and have been very intentional about my buys. As of June 2nd, I've spent $530 on clothing in 2021. That includes 4 pairs of shoes and a pair of Align leggings. It was mostly dresses for work. Also, I didn't buy anything in February. 

I'm going to be totally honest. I've lost track since then. I know there were two more pairs of shoes, a bag, ....? Some leggings? I have undertaken a closet rehaul (as you do) to try to organize things I will only actually want to wear when the school year comes around. Given what I know about my last time in the district and what I've seen in the one time I went into my new building, the school runs cold, so I'll need some cardigans. I only have 3-ish right now, but they are always my most worn items as a teacher. So I don't have a plan for back-to-school shopping yet, but it's on my radar. Suggestions? 

Did you set any goals for 2021 or was the bar low this year? I think the bar was kinda low, right?


  1. I tracked all clothing purchases for maybe 3 years and learned a lot! $500 is great! I think better quality cardigans pay off, but I loved last year’s Target Universal thread cardigan that I bought it in every color. What about Thredup? If you know brands you like? I have not been in a Banana Republic in forever but I remember getting some of theirs that I loved.
    Honestly I find that 3/4 sleeve dresses and blouses are great all year because they blast the AC in warm months and over heat us in cold. A jean jacket or a kimono can provide an added layer, too. I also know several teachers that leave a cardigan on the back of their desk chair and use it when needed.

    1. My favorite cardigans are always from Target! I have two that I've had for multiple years and they've held up so well. I checked in-store and they don't have new ones out yet. I've gotten a few good ones from Stitchfix over the years too.
      I kinda wanted like a mixed-media soft jacket of some sort? I've had a few over the years and worn them to death. I checked TJ Maxx already and they also don't have anything out.

  2. My bar was pretty non-existent. I mean, my only *real* goal was to work on the consistency of my workouts and clean eating which in turn would hit my all-the-time goal of losing weight and being healthy. I don't like wishing the year away but I'm done already. How are we already halfway through July? I feel like absolutely NOTHING has been happening. It's been straight rain here so summer feels very non-existent. I digress...

  3. Have you gotten the passport back yet? I know that department is being very slow like everything else also.


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