July 16, 2021


It's been a weird-ish and hard week. If you follow me on IG, you may have seen that Scott's dad isn't doing well (I hate telling stories that aren't mine on here because no one asks to be on my blog, but it's stage 4 cancer so things aren't great right now), and then my parents were visiting us for Wells' birthday, and then we are still 3/4 of the way moved into this house --3/4 may be a generous overestimate-- and then we've got a few projects going --a few may be a generous underestimate-- and then the military is foisting training exercises and travel on Scott and...it's all just a lot when I'm trying to mentally prepare for fall and still trying to somewhat enjoy the (incredibly hot) summer break. 

I decompress by listening to non-fiction and watching non-fiction at this stage apparently. But I also decompress by searching for memes before bed. Anyone else?



  1. You find the best memes! I am so sorry about your FIL and all that Scott and you are dealing with. I’m over the heat, too. I loathe July-August weather here. It could be worse. Thinking of you as you navigate and support Scott and finish getting settled.


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