June 11, 2021

Friday Favorites 6/11

ICYMI: The good, the bad, and the ugly.  

In an effort to be more positive, here we go:

1. I registered Wells for the daycare/preschool I want him to go to in the fall. This is a huge weight off my shoulders and makes me want to cry happy tears. Childcare has not been an easy road for us. I had been talking to 5 or 6 different places since I found out we were moving here, just considering it all and trying to find what was best. I could write a whole series of posts on this, really. 

I would have a lot of trouble justifying or considering preschool at just-turned-three if I weren't working. However, if he's going to go somewhere each day, I'd rather he'd be learning something. I ran into a former co-worker a few weeks ago here in town and she told me about the place her granddaughter went to preschool and that was who I contacted and set up a tour with, and it was the right fit for us. I never felt "just right" about any other childcare option we've ever had so I'm hoping this is a promising sign. 

Truthfully, ever since I found out I was having a baby who would be a boy and would be born in July, I've wondered what we were going to do about school. A lot of summer babies wait a year to start school. This past year, I've discovered that Wells will not be one of those babies. He needs the stimulation. He's too naturally curious and, dare I say it, smart. If I held him back or red-shirted him, he'd be bored. I think PreK 3 will be a good fit for him in the fall. Really, it's 3 hours of preschool in the morning followed by lunch, nap/rest time, snack, and then I pick him up. It's daycare with a curriculum. (I've learned a lot about what I expect out of a school for Wells...it's eye-opening, the choices that are out there.)

2. A happy mail day:

3. We have some new outdoor lighting...

Not all six have been replaced yet, but this is what the others look like:

Actual gag.

4.  I signed up for a local library card. This is one of the first things I do with each move. I didn't have one the last time we were here and I just used the post library back in 2013. However, military base libraries offer next to no services or perks and, I hear, they shut down for 12-15 months at a time. 

5. MEMES. Because, lawdy, sometimes they make life so much better. If you are having a bad day, look for the memes. 


  1. My sister said she felt the same thing when she looked for daycare/preschool for the twins. Now a year later she's like I'm not sure why we looked anywhere else. She had planned to move them to the district ece for their final year before kdg but they are pretty sure they'll just stay where they are. They learn so much!

  2. LOL squirrels crack me up. Childcare is such a stressor for parents. It is hard to know what is right, what is the fit for you and your family, how to handle issues as they come up..because you know they will...etc. You just sort of have to go with your gut and hope for the best!

  3. that "I did everything I could" - LOL... that reminds me of people at work that pass the buck.
    OHHH - You gotta share your Erin Condren box!!! Next week is my planner link up of you want to join in :) Its basically me & one other person - but still - HAHA I still want to see

  4. I love the genius minds behind memes!


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