April 16, 2021

Multiple Thing Friday.

1. There are six weeks of this school year left. 

2. I have some major trust issues when it comes to childcare at this point. In fact, I could write a series of blog posts or a book. Do I feel it's worth it or necessary to share? Probably not. Do I need to get it off my chest? In a major way. Maybe look for that next week.

3. Does everyone's house look like this on a Sunday night? What an awful way to start the week. I went on a rampage on Wednesday night and put all of his toys in a laundry basket and hid them. I left out a few things, obviously. I have tried the "themes" and the "toy rotations" (all the " " here), but I think "the garbage can" for some of these things might serve us better. 

I can't decide if I'm going to throw the trampoline away, burn it, or sell it. He doesn't jump on it. He uses it as a staging area for his toys. 

4. Does anyone else think they just can't live in a northern-ish climate anymore? I am really starting to see the appeal of living in the south. I don't want to deal with cold and winter. It is starting to bother me in a way that it never did before. Just looking back at January/February/March/April (because it's still generally unpleasant in Kansas for some reason), I have to ask why we put up with it. I want nothing to do with winter anymore. 

5. It seems like we can all agree that Songs About Jane was the GOAT. As long as we see eye to eye on that, other viewpoints don't qualify enough to divide us.

6. ICYMI: Books from the month of March 

Wherever you are, may the weather not be 46 degrees and raining today. 


  1. I want to hear your childcare issues. I have major trust issues with it too. Just leaving Clara in the church nursery for an hour threatens to undo me.

  2. We got rain & 50's yesterday - major mood killer
    How is there 6 weeks of school left? I'm seeing prom pics show up now & I'm just dumbfounded

  3. It’s kinda funny because I have absolutely zero desire to ever live in a southern climate. I can’t do 80 degrees in October!

    Our trampoline is similar, in that it gets jumped on consistently for a few weeks and then it just takes up space or has toys on it. It helps to hide it for a month or two and then bring it back out again. I’m ready to do the same thing with our play kitchen...the food gets dumped and scattered and played with for half the time it takes to clean it all up.

  4. I live in Nebraska and would LOVE to live somewhere south. I will say, this weather currently is NOT normal. I've lived here my entire life and don't remember April being this cold. I'm over it!


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