April 14, 2021

Guilty pleasure song (a Shawn Mendes confession)

I climbed back onto the stationary bike for the first time in like three weeks. I'm really killing it with this Peloton app, guys. 

The only workouts I've done in a week and a half have been Pilates because I'm so tired at the end of the day and so stressed out in general. It's unfortunate. 

But I had all of Saturday to be around the house so I decided that 30 minutes on the bike wouldn't kill me. Normally I have to do this at night after Wells is asleep, so he's not trying to get out onto the sun porch where we keep the bike. But Wells was otherwise occupied with Scott, so I found a Cody Rigsby ride. 

I have exactly one Peloton friend and she's my friend from Colorado. (follow me; I'm obviously super active on there)

We love Cody Rigsby. He is so entertaining and refreshing. I don't mind some of the other instructors but instructor is one thing: I scan all of the music before I start the class. I can't do a spin/cycling class that has bad music. It infuriates me. In the same way, I can't abide by a song I don't like being on the radio. It's one of the odder things about me.

The point is: Cody had a ride that was Guilty Pleasure Songs last week. 

I scanned it and I saw Shawn Mendes and I was like:

Shawn Mendes is my guilty pleasure when it comes to music. 

I remember, like 5 years ago, all the little girls in my class listening to Stitches (radio edit only, please) and me having the song stuck in my head for weeks at a time. This, it must be said, was still 193948303894x better than having Two Princes stuck in my head.

But, truly, my favorite Shawn Mendes song is There's Nothing Holding Me Back. It's, like, my ride-or-die guilty pleasure song if I had to pick one. 


Lately, something about springtime must be doing this to me, I've been listening to music in the car with Wells. The podcasts are just too depressing at 7am right now. 

So...I hope he likes my Pandora channels. 

This has come up many times already this week and it's also a favorite of mine and the video is the most adorable of all time. If it doesn't make you smile, I don't know what to tell you. 

I want to tell Wells that I saw Maroon 5 in concert back in the Songs About Jane days (when tickets were $30 to see Adam Levine in 2005...can you imagine?). But he probably doesn't care yet. I'll tell him in a few years. 

What's your guilty pleasure song? Tell me I'm not alone in the Shawn Mendes thing (please).


  1. OK i literally had to go listen to those songs b/c the only Shawn Mendes song I know is that Seniorita w/ his fake girlfriend. And now I'm hooked :)

  2. My guilty pleasure song is Justin Timberlake's song from Trolls - Cant Stop This Feeling.... it literally makes me dance every time

  3. I’m going to be honest...I could not name one Shawn Mendes song 😅 but man...Maroon 5. I will love them forever.

  4. Maroon 5! I’m almost positive my first “secular” (lol) CD I bought was Songs About Jane. Memories.

    I don’t know any Shawn Mendes songs other than the two you named, but I do like those.

    I’m not sure exactly what my guilty pleasure song/s would be, I think people like what they like and that’s fine. I probably listen to a lot of music that would raise eyebrows!


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