April 9, 2021

Five Thing Friday.


Wells is very into painting now. He has this little watercolor book with a "paint pen" that just holds water. When I first gave it to him yesterday, he used it, looked at me, and said "How does this work?" I'm not even kidding. You can see his furrowed and confused brow there. 

2. I made a version of oven tacos last night and the execution worked. Last time, they didn't stay closed. I didn't add chicken though. I did peppers, onions, corn, and black beans. 

3. Where I found Jett when I tried to go to sleep the other night:

4. Scott has been making dinner a lot lately. He really goes all out, trying new recipes and whatever. I made dinner the other night and all I did was throw a bunch of pizza toppings on Aldi flatbread. It was a weak effort and it was the kind of week around here. 


We got really into making gin rickeys last weekend when we had friends over. I never thought about liquor having calories. Scott assured me I was wrong because alcohol has so much energy because it's combustible. Anyway, one shot of gin is 110 calories. He said he'd rather drink beer if that's the case.
But this meme is so true: I literally only work out to feel good at this point. 

That's literally all I've got today. We're still playing mental gymnastics with life in general. I'm forcing myself to blog instead of puttering around the house this morning because I've written posts in the last few days (that I haven't published yet) and it felt like such a relief to just get things out instead of holding them in my head. We have to make time for creativity, I suppose. 


  1. All the food looks good! I need start doing recipes again. I usually do on the weekends, too busy during the week.

  2. There is nothing wrong with flat bread pizzas! You have to do what works! Those oven tacos look delicious.


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