April 7, 2021

Currently (April)

Wooooooo hooooooo. I told myself I'd sit down and write this out because the usual times I blog include Saturday mornings(?) and then any morning between 5 and 6am. This week, I've just been choosing to not do it. I've been cleaning(?). 

So. Here I am, trying to get some of this down before the nighttime routine begins. 

To start, I recapped a bit of how things are going over the weekend and then just posted a few photos of Easter weekend. It was a quiet one that involved a nice hike, a good walk, warm weather, and decent food. I don't *think* we went anywhere special? I can't even remember. We didn't get to all of our Easter activities that I had planned so we may very well be doing an egg hunt this coming weekend. 

Arranging... all the things. I have tomorrow off so I'll be packing up Easter, putting together some Goodwill boxes, and doing normal day off things. 

Craving... the only thing I ever really crave is ice cream. It's very odd. And sometimes Buffalo Wild Wings. But we've had that about once a month over the last several months so it's not really a craving anymore. I suppose I'm really craving shorts and sandal weather. I ordered these the other night:

Discussing... I've been really tamping it down lately on the religion and politics. I don't know why? I suppose I'm just over-immersed. I know what I believe and I can't do anything about what others believe except immerse myself in logic. That can be overwhelming though. I listened to this episode on Monday night and it was exactly what I needed: 

These were the topics covered:

Enjoying... I finished this book on Monday night. I read it in just a couple of days and I wasn't sold at first. There are NO likable characters. There is NO one to root for. But there was something about it. You will be super annoyed by it but you will keep reading, I’m guessing.

I ended up giving it 4 stars because it was just...good? I don't know. Netgalley emailed it to me. Request it if you can! 

Preparing... not much at all. 

Michelle posted how Easter is not always the photo-friendly holiday so many of us scroll past on Instagram. I can relate to that so hard. 

My confessions of unpreparedness would include: my mom sent most of the things in Wells' Easter basket, my in-laws sent him a giftcard that I was going to use to get a bubble machine and a little kid lawn chair but I haven't made it to Target in a few weeks to get those things, we did not take fancy Easter pictures because Wells' face reacted badly to the sunscreen I put on him, we had chicken marsala for "Easter dinner", we have yet to do the egg hunt I prepared, and we also did not bake the Pillsbury ready-to-bake bunny cookies I thought would be fun for Wells. We definitely didn't color eggs (I never got the appeal of that, tbh).


At least the new sunscreen should be here today.

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  1. I like those sandals - they look comfy - I'm excited to get my feet sandal-ready before I start sporting them - they still look winter ROUGH right now ;) LOL

  2. I have two pairs of the Arizona Essentials, and they are my favorite shoes of all time. I want a pair in every color.

  3. I have debated about if I want to get some Birkenstocks this summer. My feet have been terrible the last two years and I cant really wear flat flip flops/sandals anymore...but I also dont like walking around in heavy, clunky wedge shoes every day either. I need a happy medium for my old, painful foot! I didn't get my family Easter picture I wanted this year, it is almost always a fail.

  4. Ooh those sandals are cute. Love the color. And it sounds like Easter went well regardless of not doing certain things. It is all good.


  5. I just got sent that book by Netgalley...I struggle with not having any likeable characters, but it does sound intriguing. Might have to give it a little time before I pick it up, because I just flew through Joshilyn Jackson's newest one (Mother May I) in about a day, and it's maybe a similar type of compulsive reading, but with some characters I really did like, so it had best of all worlds.

    And I can very much relate to ice cream. Just typing it makes me want it. Ha!

  6. Birkenstocks are LIFE! I bought a pair last spring and they're all I wear. I'm planning to buy a 2nd pair this season as well. They're just so comfortable and great quality. I hear you on the politics/religion posts. I have opinions. I have feels. But I am so mentally exhausted about it all right now that I've been choosy about what I'm reading and listening to that discusses those topics.


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