February 24, 2021

WUW- February 2021


What we're eating...

My inspiration is gone when it comes to cooking. The mental load of thinking, planning, shopping, stocking, and THEN cooking (when I don't actually mind the cooking part) is starting to get to me. 

Last night we had meatballs and roasted vegetables.


What I'm reminiscing about...

We've moved from cuddly, unaware baby (two years ago)...

...to small child who shares his snack with his quicky-deflating helium balloon. He was completely unaware that helium balloons have a short lifespan and he had to learn a hard lesson yesterday. 

Also, splurged on a cherry limeaide the other day. I went my entire life without Sonic but since 2014ish, this has been a treat every so often and I love that we live in the part of the country that has a Sonic every 3/4 mile. 

What I'm loving...

This is random but if you have a Mac and haven't updated to the Big Sur OS, try it. I really like the layout and format and aesthetic of it all. 

What we've been up to...

We went to Cabela's over the weekend. 

What I'm dreading...

Just the usual doom and gloom, I suppose? I feel like we have a lot to do in the next few months. 

What I'm working on... being more positive? (see above)

This isn't really based on anything other than the fact that I see everyone around me (on the internet anyway) dreading spring because they think "covid" in relation to March/April. I don't feel that. I feel just fine. 

The fact that a vaccine was developed, tested, trialed, and made available in 10-11 months is a miracle and a gift of common grace. If you were waiting for this to be over ("over"), this is how that happens. Masks don't help (@ me) unless you're in a healthcare setting because that's where masks have been used for years and worn properly. Hand-washing does help. Social distancing helps to an extent. Vaccines and herd immunity are literally the answer here. Locking down slowed the rate of infection. It didn't lessen it. It just put it off. 

(I will happily take counter-arguments in the comments.)

What I've been watching/reading...

This Thomas Sowell documentary. I recommend him if you are in need of philosophical inspiration.

Lovely War by Julie Berry. I'm not far enough in (50/450 pages) to give an answer on quality yet. 

What I'm listening to...

Still listening to the Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. 

In the complete other direction: I also (now) hate-listen to Bachelor Party twice a week and, usually, hate-hate-hate-listen to Here to Make Friends. Those are my vices at this stage in 2021. I just think it's important to understand how some of these people are thinking. 

What I'm wearing...

I am working my way through my closet, moving everything I wear in the next few weeks to the side and getting rid of some things that I will never wear again. I've done major closet pare-downs in the last few years, but I refuse to buy more "winter" right now. Even on clearance. I'll worry about that next year. I need some spring/summer clothes. So idk...I said I wouldn't buy cheaper clothes this year, but I might just hit up the Old Navy. I just like the way so many of their things fit. Maybe I'll browse in-store this weekend. 

Screenshot taken for an overly-full online shopping cart. These tanks are the best btw. I get so much wear out of them each summer, and layer them during spring/fall/winter under sweaters. 

What I'm doing this weekend...

Maybe the above ^ 

Maybe a playdate

Probably some cleaning and organizing

I also use weekends to get in decent workouts (30-40 minutes instead of 10-15) because I also tend to take days off of working out during the week. The weather will be decent enough that a hike would be a good time. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...

Just getting on with things? I'm bored. I feel like life has stalled out in many ways this last year and it's insane that I'm the one saying that; we made an army move halfway across the country last summer and we'll move again before 2021 is over. I can't imagine what all y'all who *haven't* moved feel like. 

I do feel like it's ungrateful to say "I'm bored" but I think winter is a big part of that. Renting also makes you feel bored because you can't do anything to your house/property. 

What else is new...

This is Wells lining up his Blippi toys. We seem to acquire a new one every week. 


  1. I agree about herd immunity and vaccinations but I do believe the combo of distance, hand hygiene, and masks all help. My sister has been in school since August in a mask and has not gotten sick like she normally does. She has really bad asthma and gets sick so many times in a year! She has only had one minor cold. But, at what cost? I wonder what the mental health implications will be for ages 2-22? I feel like we flubbed much of this. My 18 yo is scared to death and it has affected him socially.
    I was feeling like you last week but the sun came out and I just felt some hope yesterday for the first time.
    Do the shopping, do the play date, maybe look for playgrounds to try? Hope you feel better!

    1. Hand hygiene and not sharing supplies, I think, is what's making the difference in schools. I have had very mild colds this year, but nothing as bad as what I'm used to.
      I'm sorry your young adult is feeling the effects of this. We are terrifying our children :(

  2. Look as much as I want to, I just can't really quit Old Navy. And my MAC has been prompting me to upgrade for a week - and I've been ignoring it but NOW i'm kind of excited to!

  3. Honestly, I agree completely with your covid comments. I had it last April. I'm not anti-vaxx, but for me personally, I don't see the point in getting it. I am SO ready for March/April to be here.

  4. At Clara's 9 month check up, the pediatrician said she's basically seen no flu patients this year and followed that up with "Masks don't stop Covid, but at least they stop the flu." AMEN.

    Dying to watch the Thomas Sowell documentary!

  5. I find it interesting that Dr Fauci was all you don't need a mask you don't need a mask. Then all of a sudden we needed them. And now we need double and triple masks? Most people I see aren't even wearing them right, they have them pulled down with their noses hanging out. I will wear them when we are supposed to, because even if there is just a 1% chance it can help save me or someone else...then fine. But also, I feel like herd immunity and vaccinations are the only things that will help this go away. And I don't plan on getting that vaccine any time soon.

  6. Get the sonic app...half price drinks all day every day!

  7. We are eating soup around here a lot. Soup has been my saving grace. I found a $5 pair of old lady, aka skinny jeans at Forever 21 and bought them. I am shocked at how much I like them. The normal amount of money that I spend on jeans well exceeds $5.I would be bored without a home/ garden, too. Will you guys have to wait until your husband retires or leaves the Army to buy?


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