February 27, 2021

5 on Saturday (annoyed edition)

+ I've been feeling really negative and annoyed this week. It's the weather, yes. Still cold and windy, though not dangerously cold. It's the fact that Scott has been working late days so I rush home to relieve the babysitter. It makes me feel scattered. For most of this year, Scott had been home before 2pm so it wasn't a big deal. I feel like we can never stay stocked up on food/etc so I'm forever making shopping lists and carrying the mental load of meal-planning, which is why I've just kind of given up? Walking the dogs on our own property is hard because we have our St. Bernard friend from down the road always hanging around. She's great but she often brings her two brothers along with her and they do not like our dogs.  

+ Spring break is in two weeks. I was thinking a trip to Atchison. Wells hasn't been to a museum in awhile. There's plenty of history there. 

+ We pulled out our espresso machine because the Keurig stopped working and the regular coffeepot is weak. If you are overly-sensitive to caffeine, you and I have nothing in common and, also, good for you. 

+ In other news, I've really been enjoying the variety of workouts on the Peloton app. I've been doing cycling and barre this week, and I'm on week four of Emma Lovewell's core challenge. I finally realized why I, really, quit The Balanced Life last month. It's not that I don't believe in Pilates. It's that she was rarely posting anything other than motivational content on IG. I don't need to be motivated. I don't need to see someone else fitting in 10 minutes on the mat (Robin reposts stories constantlyyyyy). I literally just want the workouts. I want content. I want grocery hauls and product reviews and real life. I don't care if someone is fitting in their workout. I don't need motivation and accountability. I want content. 

+ Anywho, I believe we're going to Costco today...should improve my mood! 

+ I saw this from Michelle and it made my whole day better earlier this week. There is no greater truth than me listening to the most grotesque true crime while doing the most mundane household tasks: 

I'm off to make another espresso. 

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