February 15, 2021

Leggings vs. Joggers vs. everything else

I said awhile back (maybe on here, maybe to someone in an email, I can't remember) that I was working on actual content for this blog. 

This is the scintillating material I was referring to, guys. 

What do you think?

Are you a leggings person? (<<< I want to recommend those, but cannot. I have one pair that's fabulous and another identical pair that are trash.)

A joggers fan?

Or...do you remember yoga pants? I never loved yoga pants. I would wear them out and about, but I never really enjoyed them and I didn't lounge in them (that's what regular sweats are for) and certain didn't work out in them. 

Speaking of yoga pants, I saw these pants at Old Navy and thought hmmm... because they seem to be actual pants, not yoga pants and I am in need of actual pants. 

Some people are always like I have nothing to wear, but legitimately: my winter stash of wear-out-of-the-house clothes is minimal after two winters at home with a baby. 

Then I think maybe I should just muddle through February and most of March and invest in spring clothes instead? We're going to likely be in a rather warm/humid location for summer and fall, so pants might not need to be something I worry about until October. I hate pants, generally, and won't wear them if it's warm. 

Back to the point of this post (if there is one): 

I keep to a strict rotation of joggers and leggings. 

Leggings are for wearing out of the house. I splurged on expensive LLL leggings but it's been too cold to wear them so we may never know how they work if the current weather trend continues. and I have these modal leggings from Gap that I wear around the house and under skirts and dresses. 

Joggers are for walking around outside and or quick trips to run errands where it doesn't matter how I look. 

Modal joggers are a game-changer though because they can double as pajama pants. Talk about functionality! They are almost too pj-like to wear out of the house, but that doesn't stop me. I wore one pair out completely over two years...they had multiple holes, so I finally ordered another this past fall. Size down!

I think what we can all agree on is that this...nonsense needs to go. (Taken from Old Navy's website yesterday...1994, indeed.)


  1. I love leggings for when I'm at home & when I'm working out... Joggers for when I have to go out because no one needs to see tight clothes on THIS body.
    I have those camo leggings & they are my all time favorite. I need to order more.

  2. I wear leggings out and about, but when I am home I pretty much am always in a pair of under armor play shorts. They are my absolutely favorite and I own like 5-6 pairs. I don't like to work out on full length leggings, I wear cropped/capri length to work out in. I definitely want a pair of LLL but I am waiting til I can try them on in store to get them.


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