February 17, 2021

6-day weekend. So far.

As close as I got to outside on Sunday. 

It's worth saying that a real-feel of -16 was nothing in Alaska. The air just felt different there. 

Usually a three-day weekend is cause for celebration. In this case, we ended up with a 4-day weekend...and then a 5-day weekend (and now a SIX day weekend) because of winter weather.

But, due to the cold temperatures, that meant there was nothing remotely fun to do.

I'll tell you: it took every ounce of whatever gumption I could muster to go do things in the cold when we lived in Pittsburgh. Everything was just more difficult than it had to be. I thought living in Kansas would be not that bad in terms of temperatures but surprise...not this winter. 

All I remember on Friday is taking a nap. Truly, aside from the cold temperatures, the fact that my child is up before 6am every day makes for very long days at home in the winter. 

On this particular day he was up at 3:30, 4:00, and 4:30am. 

Friday was a wash. 

On Saturday, we went into the gorgeous brand-new Starbucks and were the only customers inside while the drive-thru was 15 cars deep. I will never understand people. I purposely try to take Wells *into* places to give him the practice at hand-holding and talking to people. Call me crazy, I know. 

When I was working in Colorado, I'd also go into Starbucks instead of sitting in the drive-thru. It was so much faster! And now that Wells can walk well and listen, it's not a hassle to go into places. I used to be of the opinion that people should not be in drive-thru lines unless you have small children with you. Mostly because it's physically impossible to carry your CFA to your car (lemonade and all) with a baby in your arms. I'm not even saying it's difficult; it's physically impossible. 

Then we went to play at his little friend's house for a few hours.

We also stopped at the library to pick up a hold and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the library was open instead of curbside, so we also took a walking tour of the library and they sent us home with a craft. We watched the story being read via the library's Youtube channel and then did the craft. 

He positioned the stickers on "the engine", "door", and "window". 

Sunday was Valentine's Day and we didn't even leave the house. Instead, we celebrated the way every married couple does: some dramatic true crime on TV. 

Making pizza in a skillet is so much easier than rolling it out. I followed this method, but did my own dough recipe because I'm not digging the Kitchen Aid out of the basement. 

[photo taken at 6am due to poor planning]
Coincidentally the book I bought months ago for V-Day was the weekly storytime book from the library. 

Monday was President's Day and, by noon, school was cancelled for Tuesday. 

That meant more TV. 

I also spent an extended amount of time fighting with the color printer, in an attempt to prep some materials for the week. 

I did want to share what we watched this weekend because it was lots of good TV...

Starting on Friday(?), we watched Hotel Cecil on Netflix. This is talked about a lot lately and it was pretty good.

However, I'd already listened to the story of Elisa Lam on multiple true crime podcasts so I was well-versed. Scott was shocked and surprised, though. It was nice to put faces and places to the names I'd heard before. 

(and this isn't *quite* a spoiler because it doesn't give away the ending [promise!], but I'll put it in white anyway...  this whole event is a referendum on how poorly the governance of Los Angeles is set up. And a testament to how poor policy in California actually is. At the end, they bring up a LOT of points about how this could've been prevented. IMO, it's the state and city policies and lack of efficient ordinances that caused it, 100%)

I watched Framing Britney on Hulu one morning while I did laundry. It was kind of an unwelcome blast to the past. But it was only an hour, so not a huge time commitment. 

Then, we started watching The Sinner on Netflix. We watched the first season with Jessica Biel and, gawd, I dislike her so much. I always have. I cannot stand watching her act. 

But this storyline was quite good. I highly recommend it and will throw up allllll the trigger warnings. I did cover my eyes a few times. 

We're onto the second season now. It's not as good. But I have hopes for the third.

We did venture out for a cold dog walk yesterday. 

There's a giant fluffy neighbor dog who lives down the street and just runs free, living the life. She is very friendly.

That was day 5. Now we're onto day 6 because school has been canceled again.

How's the weather where you are? (it seems very midwest-basic to talk about the weather but oh well)

I also absolutely realize that I spelled "canceled/cancelled" two different ways in this post. I can never decide which one is more correct. 


  1. OK when i saw the post title "6-day weekend" i got SUPER jealous before I realized why ... the weather here has been awful (for us) but awful is like 35 and raining.

  2. That is so awesome the library sent you home with a craft!

    1. They do a different one every week and they always offer (bc I always have him with me when I'm picking up holds) but usually I say no because he's not into them. Since he's getting older, I'll probably start taking them more. He was ENTHRALLED by the story-reading video. He never wants us to read to him.

  3. I totally agree on going in places and totally empty is awesome! Jealous that your library is open! I called today to make a curbside pickup appointment and asked when they would open? I mean it’s a year now! She said when it’s safe they would open. I started saying that it could be handled like a retail establishment and then I realized I was barking up the wrong tree. I love that you got a to go craft! Did Wells like the snow?

    1. "Safe". There never was a more subjective word in 2020/2021.

      Ugh, he loves snow. I wish I did too!

    2. Very subjective! It’s about money and control at this point! Snow is fine once or twice a winter but I’m not a fan either!

  4. Its flippin' cold here - like I like the cold and snow is pretty buts its brr!


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